10 Reasons Why Living Alone Can Be Awesome

reasons why living alone is awesome in Little Rock

Did you know that living alone is a growing trend in the United States? Between 1920 and 2013, the percentage of our population living alone grew from 5% to 27%. Sure, living with roommates has its own set of benefits, but there are so many reasons why living alone is awesome. If you have never been on your own before and you’re considering it for the first time, now just may be time to give it a go.

To make sure a one-bedroom apartment here at Bowman Pointe is right for you, you need to read on and discover what living alone could be like.

  • Little Things

Living alone gives you ample time to sit back and enjoy the little things in life. You can watch the sunset from your balcony with a glass of wine, enjoy your morning coffee with a book, or binge your favorite Netflix series on your couch in peace and quiet. You can actually hear yourself think! Whatever it is you wish you had more time to do, you can do it uninterrupted.

  • Apartment Décor

When you live alone, you get to decorate your apartment however you wish. No more arguing over whose stuff goes where – you can put your stuff wherever you want. Or, start decorating your new apartment from scratch and discover your personal style. It’s so much fun!

  • Personal Schedule

Your apartment. Your life. Your schedule. Try to picture your life if you had a roommate that worked the graveyard shift and you had a 9-5 office job. Yikes! By living alone, you can do what you want, whenever you want. Sleeping in or getting up early, you don’t have to walk on eggshells because your roommate has a different schedule. Just make sure you are being a good neighbor and respecting everyone else’s schedules.

  • Pet Pals

If you ever get lonely living life in the solo lane, get a pet! You could have so much fun taking a dog to our pet park and playing with your neighbors’ furry friends. Just remember to follow our pet policy whether you want a dog, cat, fish, bird, or hamster.

  • Forced Socialization

Living by yourself means you don’t have a built-in buddy to fall back on. Your social life isn’t centered around your home life, so you will be forced to go out and meet new people. Get out of your apartment and explore! Go to Turn Up Tuesday and hang out with your neighbors. Now is the time to discover new relationships and meet people you otherwise might not have met if you were living with a roommate.

  • Welcomed Guests

Get ready to have guests over anytime you please. You don’t have to ask permission to have friends or family visit when you live in your own one-bedroom apartment. Why not invite your neighbors over for a dinner party? Or have your friends over for a game night? You will never be annoyed or inconvenienced by a roommate’s unfriendly or disrespectful guests again.

  • Incredible Independence

One big reason why living alone is awesome is that you will have the time and space to really find yourself. It’s a time for personal growth and exploration. No one is depending on you but you. Adulting is a real challenge, but living alone is a great way to force yourself to figure it out faster.

  • Financial Stability

According to a Money Magazine poll, 70% of couples argue about money more than any other common pain points. Imagine what that percentage would be for non-couples that have no intimate personal ties! By living alone, you always know who pays for what because you will be paying for everything. You don’t have to pester your roommate about paying you back or fight with them over halving a bill.

Helpful Tip: If you want to move into a one-bedroom apartment, start budgeting for it now. You will have an application fee and lease deposit to pay for on your own. Then, on move-in day, you also pay for your first month’s rent. Your monthly rent includes your utility package, which covers everything except electricity.

  • Healthy Appetite

Have you ever gone to your fridge hungry, only to find your food missing? If you don’t live with a roommate, those days are over! Your groceries are your groceries and no one else’s. Get into baking, meal prepping, or cocktail mixing – living alone is the perfect time to go on an epicurean adventure.

  • Continuous Privacy

No more awkward run-ins with a roommate fresh out of the shower. No more going on a drive just to have a private phone conversation. You will always have your own space to do whatever you need to do. Live alone and get in your zone!

Are you ready to start a new life with a one-bedroom apartment in Little Rock? To see all the reasons why living alone is awesome, come by our property for a tour.

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