17 Things Every Bowman Pointe Resident Should Know

things to know when leasing an apartment at Bowman Pointe

When you start leasing a luxury apartment here at Bowman Pointe, we give you a detailed, 30-plus page Resident Handbook. This document should be used as your essential, must-read guide to everything from taking care of your apartment to reserving a room in the clubhouse.

However, from experience we have learned not every resident finds reading fun. Often, the handbook gets skimmed, tossed in a drawer, and forgotten. Then, conflict arises whenever a resident forgets a policy exists and ends up receiving a lease violation notice.

To avoid the confusion, we thought it might be a little easier to highlight 17 of the most important things to know in one easy-to-read spot. Hopefully, this blog post does just that!

#1: Renter’s Insurance

We do not require that every resident leasing an apartment secure renter’s insurance, but we do highly recommend it.

In the event of a flood, fire, theft, or other damaging event, your personal belongings and injuries are not covered by our community’s insurance policy.

#2: Pet Policy

If you own a pet and plan on having them reside in your apartment, you need to be well-versed in our pet policy, pay the associated fees, and abide by your lease’s pet addendum. Standard rules of conduct include keeping them on a leash while outside your apartment home and picking up your pet’s waste.

No animals are permitted to visit your apartment or the community, even temporarily, without being registered with our office.

#3: Parking Policy

From your lease agreement, you should know that only two vehicles are permitted for each apartment. That is how many parking spaces we allotted for in planning the community. Make sure your back window displays the Bowman Pointe sticker given to you on your move-in day.

If you are leasing a covered parking space, you must also display your designated hang tag from your rear-view mirror whenever your vehicle is parked. Any vehicle parked in a covered parking space without a hang tag is subject to towing without notice at the owner’s expense.

Please make sure your guests are also aware of this policy!

#4: Guest Policy

You are responsible for the behavior of your guests when they visit the Bowman Pointe community. If they violate any policies or rules, you are in violation of your lease agreement.

When it comes to using any of our community amenities—like the pool, fitness center, sports lounge, etc.—you must always accompany your guests. They cannot use any amenity without your physical presence.

You are also limited to two guests at a time, unless otherwise noted in the Resident Handbook. An example of an exception to this rule would be when using the movie theater. If you have any questions, please revisit the Resident Handbook for details.

#5: Smoke-Free Community

Bowman Pointe is a proud, smoke-free community. We have zero-tolerance policy for smoking of any kind in any common areas.

Legal forms of smoking are only allowed on your private patio or balcony. It is your responsibility to enforce this policy with your guests as well.

#6: Cable & Internet Services

HD cable and wireless Internet are two amenities included in the cost of your utility package. These services are provided by Fidelity Communications, which offers every apartment one receiver and 20 Mbps Internet speed. To connect to your wireless Internet, you must purchase and install a wireless router.

Cable is provided in the living room and in every bedroom of your apartment. Each cable box can be found in the recessed media panel in the wall of these rooms.

If you would like to upgrade any of these services while leasing an apartment, you can do so at minimal cost. Just contact Fidelity to learn more about their current offerings.

#7: Maintenance Requests

Our all-star, on-site maintenance team is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you need to submit a service request, please do so online through your resident portal. Email submissions are not acceptable.

If you experience an after-hours emergency maintenance issue, you may call our office line and leave a message with our answering service. Our on-call maintenance technician will return your call as soon as possible.

Please consult the Resident Handbook for details on what is considered a maintenance emergency.

#8: Rent Payment Policy

Your rent payment is due by the fifth day of each month. Late fees will begin to accrue daily on the sixth day of every month if you fail to pay on time.

The best way to avoid late fees when leasing an apartment is to participate in our auto-draft payment program, which pulls your payment directly from your bank account. By participating, you will receive a $25 monthly discount.

Cash, credit cards, debit cards are not accepted. Personal checks are only accepted from those listed on your lease before the fifth day of each month.

If you attempt to pay your rent with a personal check after the fifth day of the month, or if a non-resident attempts to pay your rent with a personal check at any time, it will not be accepted.

#9: Unauthorized Occupants

Any guest staying with you longer than 15 days in a 90-day period is considered an unauthorized occupant, which is a violation of your lease agreement.

If someone is staying in your apartment longer than 15 days within a 90-day period, they must submit an application to the leasing office, pay an application fee (if applicable), and be approved like any other resident in order to remain on our property.

#10: Quiet Hours

Don’t be a bad neighbor! Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am every night, so please be courteous of your neighbors during these times.

You can easily follow this policy by avoiding producing excessive noise like playing loud music, games, radios, TVs, instruments, etc.

If you have a noise complaint, you may reach our courtesy officer after hours by calling our office line. If you suspect an emergency or potential crime is occurring, please call 911 immediately.

#11: Package Acceptance

Our office staff and concierge team are happy to accept packages for you any time the clubhouse is open. When a package arrives, we will scan the package into our Notifii system, which then notifies you via text and email.

We will store the package for you until you are able to come in, pick it up, and sign it out. We cannot deliver packages directly to your apartment. Any packages left longer than 48 hours are subject to being returned to the sender.

If you cannot pick up your package in that time frame, please provide notice to our office staff.Please note we cannot accommodate packages larger than two-feet-by-two-feet or any perishable items.

#12: Patios and Balconies

Our luxury apartment community has been meticulously designed and is methodically maintained by our staff. Please help us preserve its beauty by keeping your patio or balcony clean and orderly!

Only high-quality, outdoor patio furniture and small rugs are allowed. No hangings, full-floor coverings, storage containers, kegs, laundry, or trash are allowed.

We reserve the right to inspect and order the removal of any items on your patio or balcony that do not follow this policy.

#13: Security Features

For your security while leasing an apartment at Bowman Pointe, we have provided monitored-intrusion alarm systems, courtesy officers, controlled-access vehicle gates, pedestrian gates, 24-hour video surveillance, etc.

However, these systems are not a guarantee of your personal safety or a guarantee against criminal activity. If you experience any kind of trouble or suspect potential crime occurring, please call the police. We will assist law enforcement in any investigations to the best of our ability.

#14: Trash

We have several trash dumpsters conveniently located throughout our apartment community.

All trash must be contained in suitable, non-leaking bags and placed inside the dumpster. No exceptions. Any violation of our trash disposal rules, which are detailed in your Resident Handbook, will result in a $25 fee per item.

#15: Construction Zone

We are a growing luxury apartment community! Phase I of Bowman Pointe was opened in 2016, and Phase II was opened earlier this year.

Phase III is currently under construction, and construction on Phase IV will be starting soon. So, please be aware that you are living near a construction zone. No trespassing is allowed in these areas at any time, for your safety and the safety of the construction workers.

#16: Lease Termination Policy

If you plan to leave your luxury apartment at the end of your lease term, you must give at least 60 days written notice to our office staff. For example, if your lease ends on March 1, you must give notice to vacate by December 31.

We will provide you with a form to fill out in the event you would like to terminate your lease.

If you want to break your lease before the end of your lease term, you must also give a 60-day written notice. However, you must also pay a termination fee equal to one month’s rent in addition to making monthly payments until the end of your lease term or a new resident lease contract is signed for your apartment.

#17: Email Communications

We utilize email communications to keep every resident up-to-date regarding service requests, pest control notices, rent notices, community events, policy changes, etc.

Per the CAN-SPAM Act, if you wish to opt out of our emails, you can unsubscribe yourself. However, you may miss out on important information pertaining to the community or your apartment.

If you wish to receive alternative forms of communication, please contact our team so it can be documented in your file and on your account.

Have a question about any of these policies? Leave us a comment below!

PS: If you ever misplace your Resident Handbook, you can find a digital copy under the “Community” section of your resident portal.

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