8 Apartment Hacks That Will Change Your Life

luxury apartment hacks for your home at Bowman Pointe in Little Rock

At Bowman Pointe, we are all about making modern apartment living easier. Everyone these days is just too busy! You need an apartment that works for you, not against you. If you’re looking for some additional advice, don’t worry, we’ve done some research for you. Here are some easy-to-implement apartment hacks we found that can make your luxury apartment into an organized oasis.

Apartment Hack #1: Hook Up Everything

In an apartment, adhesive hooks (like 3M Command) can quickly become your best friend. You can use these hooks to hang almost anything without putting holes in your walls, cabinets, or furniture. While most people use them for hanging pictures, curtains, etc., there are so many more creative ways to utilize adhesive hooks around your home.

BuzzFeed has a lot of ideas—37 to be exact—on how to make this apartment hack happen. We really like #14, which suggests using them to hang items in your shower. #17 and #18 are great apartment hacks for hanging seasonal décor.

Perhaps the best place to utilize adhesive hooks, your kitchen has many areas that could use some help. Check out these ideas for help storing your cleaning supplies, utensils, pot lids, and more in expert fashion.

Apartment Hack #2: Furnish With Murphy

Have you ever heard of a Murphy bed? Essentially, it is a bed that folds into a wall-mounted unit to save you space whenever you’re not sleeping. No matter what apartment size you have, a Murphy bed system could seriously transform your space from day to night (especially if you live in a studio apartment). This apartment hack would also be perfect for a second bedroom – imagine having an open office space that can transform into a guest bedroom when needed.

For your living room space, you can also try out a Murphy dining table or Murphy writing desk. You can keep the unit hidden away when not in use, then pull it out when you need a surface for eating, studying, and more.

Apartment Hack #3: Engage the Eye

Do you know how to best embrace your ample wall space? We found some apartment hacks that will help add light, height, and intrigue in a few simple steps.

To start, Business Insider suggests embracing mirrors and curtains in unexpected ways. Mirrors help add extra light and dimension, so you should hang them on walls without windows to keep the airiness going around your apartment.

Then, when shopping for curtains for your windows, choose the extra-long options so you can hang them closer to the ceiling. It makes your windows look taller and helps expand your eye to open your space!

If you have multiple paintings, posters, and pictures to hang, gallery walls are the perfect apartment hack. The easiest way to get them hung is to map them out with paper on the wall before you hammer in any nails.

For more tips on decorating your apartment, check out our three favorite lifestyle blogs.

Apartment Hack #4: Clean With Ease

If you don’t already have a cleaning routine, we highly suggest you start one as soon as possible!

To avoid piling up all your chores on the weekends, ApartmentTherapy.com has some hacks that can simplify cleaning tasks down to just 20 minutes a day. For example, by wiping down your table after eating dinner and squeegeeing your shower after showering, certain tasks won’t become an overwhelming mess.

If you’re really into DIY projects, BuzzFeed has a video showcasing easy cleaning hacks for around your home. Who knew that a grapefruit covered in kosher salt could make your sink shine so quickly?

Apartment Hack #5: Save Extra Electricity

Since electricity is the only service not covered in your apartment’s utility package at Bowman Pointe, it’s the one thing you have the most control over. If you overuse it, your bill goes up. But if you use it conservatively, you can hack your way to savings.

Entergy, our electricity provider, has a ton of tips on this topic. They even break theirs down by season—there are tips for summer and winter—and by device—see refrigerator and lighting.

We previously posted tips on going greener in your apartment that can help you save the planet, as well.

Apartment Hack #6: Organize Your Closet

Closet organization is key to a healthy home, wouldn’t you say? At your Bowman Pointe apartment, you have plenty of closet space for storage. You just need to make sure you’re using it most effectively!

We were overwhelmed by the amount of advice out there, so we will spare you the pain by summarizing our favorite closet hacks here:

If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments to help your neighbors!

Apartment Hack #7: Mind Your Pets

Our next apartment hack requires paying a little bit of extra attention to your pet. Even if you don’t have one but are thinking about getting one, these tips could be a big help around your home someday.

ForRent.com has a great infographic detailing ways to keep your dog entertained, like purchasing a fetch machine. It also recommends getting an indoor/outdoor doggy litter box (like a Porch Potty) in case your dog will be home alone for long periods of time.

For cat owners, we have tips for you, too! Head over to PetFinder.com for hacks that can keep your kitty off your kitchen counters and disguise their litter box.

Apartment Hack #8: Use Your Amenities

To make your life easier at Bowman Pointe, we designed several features for your apartment and our community that can save you extra money and ease everyday pains.

Just look around your apartment—have you ever noticed the outlet cover on the wall underneath your built-in media plate that doesn’t have any sockets? When you take the cover off, you will see a blue tube connecting the bottom part of the wall to the inside of the media plate. This apartment hack allows you to hide your cords and cables inside the wall!

That’s not all, though. The Ruby, Diamond, and Citrine floor plans feature built-in wine racks and dry bars. Additionally, a Sapphire, Diamond, or Citrine will have a laundry hamper inside the wall between your closet and laundry room.

Around the property, you will also find unbeatable amenities that will put money back in your pocket. You never have to pay for a gym membership, movie ticket, or Starbucks coffee ever again if you really don’t want to!

All these apartment hacks can be found on our Pinterest board of the same name. We hope that makes them easier to save and reference later!

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