9 Money Saving Apps With Amazing Shopper Rewards

Person holding an app while shopping, taking advantage of movey saving apps that reward you for shopping.

Ever heard the expression, “You have to spend money to make money?” It is said to have originated with the writings of an ancient Roman poet and philosopher named Titus Maccius Plautus, but it still holds true in modern day life.

Think about your investments, your retirement plan, or your education. They required you to spend money upfront that earned you more money in the long run!

The same can be said for some amazing apps available in the market today. These money saving apps reward you with cash, gift cards, and more just for making everyday purchases in grocery stores, shops, and restaurants.

Don’t believe us? If you have read our blog post on apps that can make your life easier, you should know we do our research! So, let’s dive into a few of our favorite money saving apps and show you how you can start earning rewards now.

#1: Dosh

Several of the money saving apps we have listed here help you accumulate points or rewards that eventually turn into money. But, not Dosh!

Dosh gives you up to 10% cash back on purchases made with their partner restaurants, hotels, and retailers. All you do is securely link up your debit or credit card and every purchase made with their partners will earn dollars you can transfer to your bank or PayPal account.

Plus, for every friend or family member you refer, you get an extra $5 instantly!

#2: Drop

Another app that helps you gives you money for shopping with their partners is Drop. Just like with Dash, you securely link your debit or credit card to make purchases at select stores and retailers. Only in this app, you cash in your rewards for gift cards.

Drop’s new “Challenges” feature will even offer you more rewards for shopping in-store or online at select retailers. Through the app, you will receive push notifications with a purchase “Challenge” on a limited time offer. Once you “win” a challenge, points accumulate you can redeem for select gift cards.

#3: Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a fun money saving app: you earn points just by submitting your grocery receipts. You can even earn premium points by buying brand products advertised through “Special Offers.” For 2,000 bonus points, just refer someone!

As you accumulate points, you can redeem them on select gift cards available in the app.

#4: Google Opinion Rewards

Would you like to get paid to give your opinion? Download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Google Play store or Apple App store to do just that!

This money saving app assigns a dollar value to all kinds of surveys. Every survey you complete earns you a minimum of $2 you can transfer instantly to your PayPal account.

Reviews for the app seem to suggest that surveys can be offered only sporadically. So, to get surveys sent to you more consistently, make sure you turn on location services. This way, it will ask you questions about the places you visit and the purchases you make while at that location.

Whether you’re popping into the post office or grocery shopping at Kroger, Google wants you to share your experience!

#5: Ibotta

Ibotta has partnered with over 1,500 nationwide brands and retailers to help you earn cash back in several different ways:

  • Make mobile purchases through the app, which is linked to online retail partners.
  • Link your loyalty accounts to the app to earn rewards with the retailer and cash with Ibotta!
  • Make in-store purchases and submit your receipts.
  • Enable “Nearby Offer Alerts” to be notified when retailers near you have new opportunities to earn cash back.

Start shopping at Sephora, Target, Walgreens, and more via Ibotta to get cash back on things you buy every day!

#6: Raise

We have three words for you: discounted gift cards. That’s all Raise does!

When you download the Raise app, you can immediately start browsing their inventory of discounted gift cards. If you see one you like, purchase it and it will be electronically sent to you immediately. When you’re ready to redeem it, just open the app in-store or online and make your purchase.

Then, if you purchase a face-value gift card or refer a friend to Raise, you can earn cash back called “Raise Cash” for free!

#7: Receipt Hog

If you like Fetch Rewards, you’re going to love Receipt Hog. You can submit any kind of receipts, not just grocery receipts, to earn points in the form of “coins.” Then, you can redeem your coins for Amazon, Visa, or PayPal gift cards!

For bonus coins, you can take Receipt Hog surveys or win playing the “Hog Slots” game in-app.

#8: ShopKick

With the money saving app ShopKick, you want all the “kicks” you can get! With in-store and online partner stores, you can scan select items in the app, purchase featured products, and submit your receipts to get kicks just for shopping with them.

Once you’re done, watch in-app partner videos to earn extra kicks. Then, redeem your kicks for all kinds of gift cards!

#9: Swagbucks

Like, Shopkick’s kicks and Receipt Hog’s coins, the Swagbucks app’s “swagbucks” are points you earn while shopping to get gift cards you can use later. But, if you prefer cash, just transfer your “swagbucks” over as cash into your PayPal account!

There are several ways you can earn swagbucks while in the app. You can take surveys, go shopping, or watch in-app videos.

But, to earn even more swagbucks, all you have to do is watch videos available on other money saving apps under the Swagbucks umbrella:

  • MovieCli.ps – watch movie trailers
  • Sportly – watch sports videos
  • IndyMusic.tv – watch music videos
  • Lifestylz.tv – watch lifestyle videos on food, travel, home design, and more
  • EntertaiNow – watch entertaining videos

Isn’t this amazing? By having these apps and living at Bowman Pointe, you have so many ways to save money!

Download these money saving apps now to start earning cash and gift cards. Then, share the apps with your friends to earn even more rewards.

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