9 Moving Tips for New Bowman Pointe Residents

tips on moving to a new apartment in Little Rock

Whether Bowman Pointe is home to your first apartment or your fifteenth apartment, we want to say, “Welcome!” with some expert advice that could make your move easier. After reading through the packing and moving tips that websites like Apartments.com and ApartmentTherapy.com had to offer, we decided to highlight those that we find most helpful. Plus, we added in some tips that will specifically help you here as a new Bowman Pointe resident. So, settle in, read over these tips, and get ready to move to the best apartment community in Little Rock!

#1: Lose Some Stuff

Before you make the big move to Bowman Pointe, you need to lose some clutter and get yourself organized. We won’t bore you with all the packing tips there are in the world – just make sure you toss any non-essentials so you can start fresh at your new apartment in Little Rock.

Whether you like to make keep/trash/donate piles, have a yard sale, or sell your stuff on Craigslist, the important thing is to keep and pack the things you actually see yourself needing or wanting in your new space.

#2: Pre-Plan Your Layout

Speaking of new space, it may help you pack and move your belongings if you pre-plan where you want it all to go in your apartment. You can review our floor plans and even ask our leasing team for specific room dimensions to create your layouts.

Once you visualize your apartment beforehand, you can pack and label your boxes accordingly. Decorations you want in your living room, for example, can be packed together and labeled “Living Room.” A great packing tip, no? Just plan ahead!

#3: Set Some Ground Rules

If you are living alone in your luxury apartment, you can skip the next two paragraphs. But, before you move on to our fourth packing and moving tip, go ahead and make yourself a cleaning schedule. You will thank us later.

For those of you moving in with a roommate, we have specific tips you need to see. First, before you move, you should agree on some ground rules with your roommate. Yes, that means it’s time to compromise!

Ask each other who is moving what and when, who is responsible for which chores, how bills are going to be split, etc. Both during and after the moving process, you don’t want to ruin your relationship by being on completely different pages.

#4: Hire a Moving Company

Moving costs can add up quickly, so we understand if you want to try and save as much money as possible. But, hiring a moving company is the best decision you will ever make (aside from choosing Bowman Pointe as your new home).

If you are wrestling with the decision of hiring movers or doing it yourself, just hire someone! Relieve yourself some stress and take our advice. You will not regret it.

#5: Rent a Moving Truck

Since you are reading this moving tip, we can assume that you decided not to hire movers. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so it’s not a big deal!

Now that you are officially moving without the help of professionals, do yourself a favor and rent a moving truck. Even if you have several friends with trucks who are happy to volunteer their vehicles, it’s worth the money to get as much (if not all) of your stuff packed into one truckload.

Plus, truck rental companies often also include a dolly and other moving supplies with your rental. If not, those are rentable items you can easily add on. Trust us, it will be so much easier to stack several boxes on a dolly and roll it away rather than lifting them one by one from your friend’s car.

Bonus Tip: Be careful where you leave your moving truck. Don’t block cars, garages, trash enclosures, etc. At Bowman Pointe, we do not allow you to leave these vehicles overnight in our parking lots. This policy, and others, are all in your lease agreement. So, read it over it you have any questions.

#6: Give Yourself Some Time

It’s important to make sure you have some overlapping time between the lease ending at your old home and the lease starting at your new apartment. You need to give yourself a little bit of extra time just in case the move takes longer than you expected. That extra time will also allow you to do the clean-up necessary at your old place to get your deposit back!

On the flipside, you also shouldn’t give yourself too much time between leases. You could easily procrastinate and prolong the agony of moving instead of settling into your beautiful new home.

#7: Stick to Your Schedule

Once you sign your new lease and plan your move accordingly, you need to make a schedule and stick to it. Take into consideration the hours that the leasing office is open at your old and new homes, for example. If you miss turning in your keys, making final payments, etc., your whole move could be thrown for a loop.

Plus, if you are moving into Bowman Pointe during a busy day, we will likely schedule a specific time slot for you to pick up your keys and move-in packet. Don’t be late! Missing your appointment could keep you from moving in on the day you chose.

#8: Fill Out Your Documents

When you arrive at our apartment community on your move-in day, there will be a few documents to fill out. For example, one will be an auto-draft form for your monthly payments. Have your photo ID, bank account number, and bank routing number ready to make this process quick and easy.

Your leasing consultant will also give you an Inventory Conditions List to be completed within 24 hours of moving in. Be thorough! Filling out this document is your chance to indicate any cosmetic or maintenance issues you may see in the apartment when you move in.

When you return the form, we can process any needed maintenance requests for you. Once the work orders are completed, a concierge will follow-up with you to verify your issue was resolved.

Bonus Tip: You must hand in a completed Inventory Conditions List to receive your mailbox key. You might be surprised by how long some people go before remembering that!

#9: Rent a Storage Unit

If you realize during the moving process that you have a little bit too much stuff, you can always rent a storage unit from us for just $45 a month. We have 5×6 indoor store units in Buildings 1-5 that are perfect for storing that overflow.

To reserve one of these storage spaces, or any other add-on amenities like a wine locker or gym locker, just notify a member of our leasing staff. If you need a bigger storage space, visit our friends at Modern Storage West Little Rock.

Congrats! Now, you’re all moved in, safe and sound. To help you settle in, we also have decorating tips and apartment hacks you should check out.

For more tips on moving into your new apartment, contact us by calling (501) 725-9055.

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