FAQ: Which Utilities Are Included in My Apartment?

luxury apartment with utilities included with Little Rock

A luxury apartment with utilities included – isn’t that the dream? Well, at Bowman Pointe, we make dreams a reality! Through our apartment utility package, you will get seven utilities covered for the price of one. You can’t beat that in Little Rock!

If you choose a one-bedroom apartment at Bowman Pointe, your utilities will cost just $70 a month. For two-bedroom apartments, it will be $80. For a three-bedroom apartment, it will be $90 a month.

When you sign your lease, the cost of your utility package will just be added onto your apartment’s monthly rent. Presto: one monthly payment with everything included for hundreds less than what you’re used to.

Sound too good to be true? Well, as you can imagine, we get so many questions about which utilities are included in the package and how it all works. So, we thought we would explain them all, one-by-one!

Water, Sewer, & Trash

To start things off, let’s cover the basics. The first three key utilities included in your luxury apartment at Bowman Pointe are water, sewer, and trash.

So, go ahead – take all the long, relaxing showers you want underneath your rainfall showerhead. That water is all yours!

You can find trash dumpsters across the property – just look at our community map to find the enclosure closest to your apartment.

Pest Control

Another important utility included in your apartment is pest control.

On a weekly basis, our pest control partner visits the community to perform preventative services on all buildings, grounds, and amenities. These services are conducted on a rotational basis, so your apartment will be visited for pest prevention at least once a quarter.

But, should you ever experience an issue with pests inside your apartment, we can address it during that week’s scheduled visit. Just inform a member of our staff and we will submit a service request on your behalf. It doesn’t cost you anything extra for an added visit. They will take care of it, no problem!

Alarm System

At Bowman Pointe, every single apartment also comes with a monitored alarm system. On your move-in day, you will be provided an alarm code that will disarm the alarm system.

This alarm system is actually a smart alarm that can be controlled via an app on your phone. After download the app, you can arm your apartment from anywhere!

Included with this utility, you also get 24-hour security monitoring from Protection1. With sensors on your front door, patio door, and windows, your alarm will sound as soon as one of them is triggered.

If the alarm sounds during an intrusion without becoming disarmed, Protection1 will call the appropriate authorities immediately. If there is a false alarm, however, you will be fined by the authorities. So, please make sure you and your roommates know your alarm code!

Fidelity HDTV Cable & Wireless Internet

Through our partnership with Fidelity Communications, wireless Internet and basic cable with HD channels are also included in your apartment’s utility package.

Every living room and bedroom in your apartment comes with one cable box. So, one-bedroom apartments will have two cable boxes and two-bedroom apartments will have three cable boxes.

We house each cable box behind recessed multimedia plates inside your apartment’s walls. That way, you can mount your TVs on the wall and hide all the wires and cables inside the box!

If you ever want to increase your Internet speed or upgrade your cable package, you can contact our Fidelity representative via the information provided in your move-in packet. Fidelity will bill you separately for any services added outside your utility package with Bowman Pointe.

Not Included: Electricity

We try to include as many services as possible in your apartment’s utility package, but there is one that is just not possible: electricity. Electricity will be the only apartment utility you have to pay for separately (unless you do a cable or Internet upgrade with Fidelity).

Before you move in, we will ask you to set up an account with Entergy, our local electricity provider. You will not be permitted to enter your new apartment until service is established.

Lots of people ask us how much you can expect to spend each month, but it really varies person-to-person based on how much electricity you use. Entergy has some bill estimation tools that can give you an idea of what average costs look like.

Thankfully, our units are much more energy-efficient than most apartment communities you will find in Little Rock. We also have some energy-saving tips you can read if you want to learn more about ways to decrease your utility usage.

Did we answer all your questions? If not, feel free to send us a message about our apartment utility packages or call the leasing office at (501) 725-9055. We would love to show you all the ways you can save money at Bowman Pointe!

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