Apartments in Your Price Range: What Fits Your Budget at Bowman Pointe?

Little Rock apartments in your price range at Bowman Pointe

You did some local research. You set your apartment budget. Now, you’re ready to start narrowing down your Little Rock apartment options. Perfect! You’ve come to the right place.

Right now at Bowman Pointe, our beautiful luxury apartments start at $708 per month and go up to $1,649 per month.

So, if you’re looking for apartments under $800, $900, $1,000, or even $2,000, we have a unique floor plan that will fit perfectly in your price range with utilities included.

Apartments Under $800

There is one very special floor plan you need to see if you want an apartment under $800 a month. It’s called Jade and it’s a 385 square-foot studio.

Starting at $708 per month (as of this blog post’s publication date), our studio floor plan gives you all the luxe details you will love without breaking your budget. You even get a stacked washer and dryer unit included in your rent!

The only thing not included in the rent amount is a $70 utility package, which covers the cost of your cable, Internet, water, sewer, trash, pest control, and monitored intrusion alarm.

If you do the math, that keeps both your rent and utilities (except electricity) under your $800 budget. Pretty awesome, right?

Apartments Under $900

Looking for one-bedroom apartments under $900? You cannot beat our Sapphire and Amber floor plans. They are closely related in design, but the Amber has a few extras you may like if there is some wiggle room in your budget.


The 580-square foot Sapphire is easily our most popular floor plan. So many people love it because it’s affordable like our studio but has an actual bedroom and walk-in closet.

Just like the Jade, it also comes with a stacked washer and dryer unit. As a bonus, this unit is located inside the walk-in closet complete with a laundry chute that connects to the bathroom. It makes doing laundry so easy!

Starting at $800 per month, the Sapphire (plus the $70 utility package for a one-bedroom apartment) easily fits in a $900 apartment budget.


Our 680-square foot Amber is a fraternal sister to the Sapphire: exact same layout with 100 extra square feet of living space.

We put that extra space to work, too. Running down the center of the kitchen, an 11-foot island with countertop seating acts as the shining centerpiece of this spectacular floor plan.

If you prefer this layout over the Sapphire, double-check your budget and make sure the added space fits in your price range.

An Amber currently starts at $877 per month, but it can go up to $977 for first and third floor apartments with the best views.

Apartments Under $1,000

Luxurious, one-bedroom apartments with all the modern amenities under $1,000? Yes, we have them!

Meet our Ruby floor plan: a 775-square foot apartment home starting at $933 per month. As our largest one-bedroom floor plan, it incorporates all the best elements from smaller floor plans and then takes itself up notch.

That next notch is a pantry, kitchen island and wine bar inside as well as a huge patio or balcony (with an added storage closet) outside.

So, before you choose your apartment, think about the kind of view you want! Do you want to face the pool, a courtyard, or neither?

Apartments Under $1,500

If your budget can go above $1,000, you can easily add a second bedroom and bathroom to the dream board for your apartment. Here at Bowman Pointe, there are two floor plans you need to see: The Diamond and the Citrine.


Starting at $1,195 per month, our Diamond floor plan features two bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,080 square feet of space. Once you add the $80 utility package for a two-bedroom apartment, you’re still well under budget!

So many of our favorite features in each floor plan can be found in a Diamond.

Like the Ruby, it has a pantry, kitchen island, wine bar, and patio or balcony. Like the Sapphire, it has a laundry chute. What’s even more exciting is the laundry chute connects to a separate laundry room!

Unlike the Jade, Sapphire, and Amber, there is not a stacked washer and dryer included. But, like the Ruby, the laundry room does have washer and dryer connections.

(You can purchase your own washer and dryer or rent them from us for just $50 a month and still stay under budget!)

If you would like to see this floor plan in person, schedule a tour and check out our model apartment!


Want a little more space in your apartment for under $1,500 a month? The Citrine floor plan is going to be perfect for you.

Starting at $1,286 per month, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment comes in at 1,115 square feet.

With the 75 extra square feet, the Citrine has a larger living room and dining space than the Diamond. Your balcony is longer, too, and has some added shade from being situated in the corner of every building.

Because this floor plan is so extravagant, you really need to see it to believe it. Go watch our video tour and start visualizing yourself here!

Apartments Under $2,000

Usually, our options stop there. But we just added an exciting new floor plan to the mix that could be exactly what you’re looking for!

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the Opal floor plan comes in at 1,460 square feet and starts at $1,624 a month. For another $90 a month, all utilities except electricity are included. It’s amazing!

Aside from the added bedroom and bathroom, the obvious difference in this floor plan is a huge, L-shaped patio or balcony off the living room. It’s so spectacular, and we cannot wait for it to officially arrive with the opening of Phase III.

If you know which apartment you want, go see what we have available now in our online leasing portal. You can view each floor plan, compare pricing, and apply today!

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