Applying for an Apartment: 5 Things You Need to Think About First

Learn how to choose an apartment wisely at Bowman Pointe.

You’ve decided on a moving date, set your apartment budget, and chosen an apartment community (Hello, Bowman Pointe!). Now, you need to figure out how to choose an apartment wisely.

In our opinion, there are five super important things you need to think about first.

From which floor plan fits your budget best to what kinds of amenities you might also need, here is a list of what to consider before you put in that apartment application.

#1: Floor Plan

We have six (soon-to-be seven) floor plans here at Bowman Pointe, so the first thing you need to think about is which size is right for you.

For a one-bedroom apartment alone, you have four options to choose from!

Would you like a small, but cozy, studio? Or, do you prefer something like a Sapphire, with its incredible kitchen cabinet space?

You should also think about outdoor living. Do you want a patio or balcony? If so, you need to choose a Ruby or something larger.

#2: Location

Location, location, location.

Our luxury apartment community is full of so many exciting amenities that there is no “bad” location anywhere. Every apartment building is located next to something relaxing or something fun to do!

We recommend you look at our community map to get an idea of where things are and where you would like to be located.

Often, you won’t have many options, as we stay pretty full! But, when you do have options, location can weight heavily in your decision.

For example, lots of apartment hunters look out for a location close to the clubhouse or near our stunning resort-style pool.

Other people want more peace and quiet, so they look for an apartment against a tree line.

#3: View

Would you like to watch the sun rise every morning, or set every night? Or, not face the sun at all?

If you answered “Yes,” to any of these questions, then your view matters to you.

It’s just another thing you need to think about when you’re applying for an apartment here at Bowman Pointe.

Pool View

Speaking of our pool, it does offer up the most scenic views you will see at any apartment community anywhere in Little Rock.

This 300,000-gallon pool—complete with fire pits, a waterfall, beach-style entry, and a poolside bar—currently stands as the largest residential pool in the entire state of Arkansas!

If you want an apartment with a pool view, look first at our community map. Buildings 6 through 9 surround the pool, so half of the apartments in those buildings will face it.

Courtyard View

But that isn’t to say that Buildings 1 through 5 have hideous views. Like we said earlier, there is no bad place to be at Bowman Pointe!

Buildings 1 through 5 surround two incredible courtyards containing fire pits, grilling stations, a fountain, putting green, bocce ball court, and tons of gorgeous landscaping.

Parking Lot View

You should know, however, that an enviable view also comes with a price tag.

Any apartment with a courtyard or pool view will be a couple Benjamins more per month than apartments facing a parking lot. If you like to people-watch, then a parking lot view is for you!

#4: Floor

If you’re on a tight budget, the cost of your apartment’s view is not the only thing you should be concerned about.

The floor your apartment sits on will also be an important financial factor.

Let us explain…

Each floor plan has a unique price range, depending on both the apartment’s view and its floor. The base price you will see for any floor plan will always be for a second-floor apartment with a parking lot view.

The next highest price for any floor plan will be for a third-floor apartment, making first-floor apartments the priciest.

The difference between each floor is minimal ($20 to $30), so some of you may find it does not make an impact on your decision.

For others, however, you may really hate stairs and want a first-floor apartment. Or, you may really love stairs because they help you get your steps in every day. Either way, it’s something you need to think about!

#5: Add-Ons

Finally, we have come to the fifth and final factor in figuring out how to choose an apartment wisely. This one also takes into consideration several of the other factors we have already discussed, so make sure you’re taking notes!

Once you choose your apartment and decide to click “Apply,” you also have the option to select from some amazing add-on amenities we have available.

  • Do you need a washer and dryer? Every floor plan larger than an Amber does not come with a stackable washer and dryer set, so you are welcome to rent a pair from us for $50 a month.
  • Want a garage, carport, or storage unit? Garages and storage units are only available for apartments in Phase II, but you can find a carport (or covered parking space) near any building.
  • What about a gym locker or wine locker? These add-on amenities are open for you to rent in the clubhouse. If you need a place to store your workout gear or wine bottles, make sure you add a locker to your apartment application!

There you have it. Five factors to consider before you apply for an apartment here at Bowman Pointe.

If you have any questions about an available apartment or what to look for, send our team a message or give us a call at 501-725-9055.

We would love to help you find your new home!

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