Beyond the Bill: What’s Included in Your Rent?

It’s normal to feel a little bit of sticker shock when you see our apartment prices for the first time. If you aren’t familiar with our community, you may wonder, “Why does an apartment this size cost so much, but not at other apartment communities in Little Rock?” Well, to tell you straight: Other apartment … Continued

Clearing Up Your Questions About Applications for Phase III

The time you have all been waiting for is finally here. Pre-leasing for Phase III at Bowman Pointe has officially begun! While the construction crew continues their hard work to get Building 11 ready by July, our leasing team has been processing piles of new applications. That has lead to a lot of questions, and … Continued

Find Out What’s Coming at Bowman Food Fest

Our residents have made one thing very clear: they love food trucks. Over a dozen awesome Little Rock food trucks have visited us during happy hour each week, and everyone is eating them up. So, we thought, “Why don’t we have our own food truck festival?” Thus, Bowman Food Fest was born! In partnership with … Continued

The 7 Most Photographed Spots at Bowman Pointe

Bowman Pointe has got to have the most photographed apartments in Little Rock. From our modern floor plans to our luxurious amenities, every angle of the property has been shared and liked on social media. Once you start scrolling through the check-ins and the tags, though, you will start to notice that seven spots stand … Continued

14 Food Trucks We Are Loving Right Now

Over the past few months, we have invited the best Little Rock food trucks to set up shop right here at Bowman Pointe. Every Tuesday during happy hour, we’ve had everything from tasty Caribbean soul food to mouth-watering Venezuelan food. Simply put: You’re loving it. They’re loving it. So, we’re loving it! So far, 14 … Continued

7 Life-Changing Features You Will Love in Our New App

As if life at Bowman Pointe couldn’t get any better, we now have a new resident app that is going to make it even more awesome. From service requests to amenity reservations, there is so much to be blown away by in the Bowman Pointe app. We are so excited to show you everything you … Continued

How We Spell ‘LUXURY’ Living at Bowman Pointe

Luxury apartment living can be spelled out in so many ways by so many people. But, at Bowman Pointe, we know exactly what we are talking about. Trust us: our walk matches our talk. That’s what makes our community so unique to Little Rock! When you actually break down the word “luxury” letter by letter, … Continued