How Staying Fit Is Free and Easy at Bowman Pointe Apartments

little rock apartments with gym and pool

It’s time to fire your personal trainer and cancel your gym membership. At Bowman Pointe, we have the fitness amenities that make staying in shape free and easy. Here, our luxury apartments come with a gym, pool, and more exclusives you will not find at other Little Rock apartment communities. As a resident, you have unlimited access to all of them with no added membership fees.

Get ready! With the following features in your backyard, you’re going to have some fun workouts year-round throughout the property.

Gym/Fitness Center

Yes, most apartments with a gym have the basic equipment you need to get in a good workout. But, at Bowman Pointe, we take fitness to the next level.

In our 24-hour fitness center, you have all-day, all-night access to dumbbells, exercise mats, and a range of PRECOR exercise machines.

Start with some cardio on a treadmill, elliptical, or stationery bikes with a great view of several TVs. Sweat it out on a leg press, chest press, shoulder press, or another machine to build some muscle. Then, relieve yourself with some water from the water fountains. Good workout!

Virtual Fitness Studio

If you enjoy working out in more of a class setting, but hate sticking to a gym’s schedule, you’re in luck. You will never miss a class again in our virtual fitness center. Here, workouts happen on your demand.

Anytime the clubhouse is open, you have a virtual personal trainer waiting to guide you through a class in a massive library of options from Wellbeats. You can choose from kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, cycling, and more. The equipment you need for any class will be in the virtual fitness studio already: stationery bikes, yoga mats, exercise balls, resistance bands…it’s all there.

Every resident can also register for a free Wellbeats account to take advantage of the system’s extra features. Once you create an account, you can set fitness goals, enroll in a workout plan, and track your progress. Classes will be also recommended to you based on your profile.

Whenever you’re ready, just walk into the virtual fitness center, find your class, press play, and go!

Swimming Pool

No other Little Rock apartments with a pool look as magnificent as ours. At 300,000 gallons, our resort-style swimming pool is the largest private residential pool in Arkansas!

For a good workout, we all know the health benefits of swimming. Plus, the water feels quite nice in the summer. If you want to get a few laps in, the pool is fairly free of people during the week. Watch out on the weekends, though, as Little Rock’s best apartment pool gets crowded!

No part of the pool is over four feet deep, so you can also do some light, underwater aerobic exercises with ease. When you’re done with your workout, you can relax at the beachfront entry or along the pool’s edge with your feet in the water. Snag a lounge chair near the waterfall if you want to enjoy a peaceful view while you dry off in the sun.

Private Sidewalks

Little Rock isn’t the most bikeable, runnable, or walkable city in the world. Some people bike, run, or walk anyway, but we want you to feel safe while you exercise outdoors at Bowman Pointe.

Here, you can take a scenic stroll or jog around the property behind our security gates on our private sidewalks. You can find these sidewalks winding next to your apartment, around the pool, and through every courtyard.

Speaking of courtyards, for some light-hearted fun, we have a brand-new putting green and bocce ball court in the East Courtyard of Phase II. Go take a look next time you’re on a walk around the property.

Now that you have these free fitness amenities at your fingertips, you can spend your money on some great gear. Invest in a pair of running shoes or swimming goggles!

If you would like to visit our apartments and see the gym or pool in person, call the leasing office at (501) 725-9055 or send us a message to schedule a tour.

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