What the Concierge Team Wants You to Know

One of the most incredible amenities that we offer here at Bowman Pointe is our concierge services. We have a concierge team that is in and around the clubhouse every day assisting residents with any and every thing. If you need help at the pool, in the movie theater, or anywhere else on the property, they are here for you.

Below is a transcription of the live Q+A embedded above. Please feel free to watch the video or read the transcription below to learn more about what living in a luxury apartment with a concierge is like!

Concierge FAQ

Hi, everyone! I’m here with Ashley. She’s one of the concierge team members here and essentially we are going to go over some common questions that we get for the concierge team. But, if at any time you have a question for her that is not on our list, go ahead and leave a comment with it. Or if you’re watching this later, we’re going to post this on our page so you can totally leave a comment. We will answer whatever your question may be.

Ready to get started?


Let’s do this! First things first, I don’t think a lot of people know when they first come here that you’re not a full-time person. You have a full-time job and this is your part-time gig. What are the hours that the concierge people are here?

Right, there are three of us. We are part-time. We rotate throughout the week. We’re mostly here in the evenings. During the weekend, we’re here during the day. Mostly after the office closes, we are here to service all of the residents.

So, if you guys have questions, please ask us! All the time I get, “I’m sorry to bother you…” Please bother us! That’s what we’re here for! We love helping people. If we’re here just sitting around, it’s because we’re waiting to help you. Please ask us!

I’m mostly here during the week from 4:00 to 10:00. On the weekends, I could be here anywhere from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and on Sundays, definitely from 1:00 to 10:00 PM. And that’s all three of us. We all rotate those shifts. So, throughout the week, we’re here sporadically.

Yeah. If the clubhouse is open, and the office is closed, there’s always a member of the concierge team here to help you.

Yes, and our name plates sit out here. We do have a phone number if you want to call us. Please call us. We’re available. Just because we’re not sitting here doesn’t mean we’re not available. We do have two floors here and the pool there that we’re constantly servicing. So, call us. Interrupt us. Bug us. Please!

So, how would you describe the role of a concierge for people who don’t really know what that means?

That’s a really good question. People ask us that all the time. Concierge pretty much are here to service the residents. We’re involved in a really small portion of leasing, but people ask me all the time about apartments. I honestly don’t know. I really don’t know! That’s the best answer I can give. But if I don’t know, I will find out for you and I will always follow up.

So, we’re here if you need a movie to watched, if you rented the theater out. If you want us to pop you some popcorn in the sports lounge while you’re playing pool, we will do that for you. Sometimes we have drinks in there, like water or soda. If you would like one, please ask. I’m more than happy to get it for you.

We always have free suckers. Everybody loves those. Please come get them! You’re not stealing. It’s what they’re there for.

And the dog treats!

Bring your little furry friends and I will love on them. I will give them treats, too.

At the pool, if you need something out at the pool or have a question, concern… anything! People even ask me things if they have problems in their apartments. Seek us out! If we don’t have the answer, we will get the answer for you.

Luxury Clubhouse Rules

Cool! Well, let’s go over some guidelines for different things in the clubhouse and the pool. Just to reiterate things that you guys have to remind people about, people often have questions about, or get confused about the rules. Let’s go over pool stuff. Any common questions you see there?

I want to break down a barrier here. The term “pool Nazi” comes out. I want to reiterate to everybody that the reason we’re at a pool is we’re making sure that it’s safe for all of our residents. So, we’re not out to get you. We’re not out trying to be mean or ruin your time at the pool. We want everyone to enjoy our fabulous pool! It’s the best pool in Little Rock, inarguably, definitely the best pool.

My biggest thing that I’ve noticed is people bring glass into the pool. If you know me and you’ve brought glass to the pool, you know that I’m a stickler on it.

We have to be!

Yes. The bring reason for that is it’s a state law that if there’s broken glass, they shut the pool down. I don’t want the pool to shut down for three months because then, what would be do? On top of that, in the grilling area, people don’t consider that the pool but it’s all in the gated area. So, porcelain plates, things that are breakable, your spices, your hot sauces, pickles….If they come in glass, please put them in plastic. Please. That’s all I ask.

Act like you’re going on a picnic and have to put everything in your basket that’s not breakable.

Yes! If it drops, please make sure it doesn’t break!

Also, the other thing is your wrist band. That is the other big thing. We don’t want to bother you. We don’t to make it so hard that you don’t want to come down. But, if you don’t have your wrist band on, we’re going to come over and talk to you. You don’t have to wear it! Put it on your bag. Put it on the table you’re sitting at.

We’re very easy to get along with. When we have a new concierge, if we don’t know you, don’t feel intimidated that we’re asking. We just don’t know you! They want to get to know! Yes. There’s a lot of people here I don’t know. I’ve been here the longest running now and I, for sure, don’t know everybody. But, I want to get to know you! Please come to the pool and say hi to me! Bring your wristband!

Yeah, and the reason for that is we don’t want a bunch of random people from around Little Rock to come and bombard the pool. Then, the people that live here can’t enjoy the pool because there’s all these people that don’t belong here and don’t live here. You’re paying to live here! So, wear your wristband so you can show you’re legit.

You’re legit! Bowman Pointe, only.

What about the movie theater? Personally, I’ve used the movie theater several times. I love it. You guys just load it up and make some popcorn and you can just sit back.

The biggest thing with the movie theater is probably the scheduling. I don’t want to reiterate that in the portal, there are different tabs for scheduling a movie. There is Weekday Movie Theater, Saturday Movie Theater, and Sunday Movie Theater. So, if you’re on the wrong tab trying to book a movie for Friday in the Saturday tab, and you book a movie, you can book it for Friday. It will let you. But if there is somebody in the Weekday tab that books the theater for Friday at the same time, they have preference for that movie at that time. You would not have that time. So, please make sure that you have it on the right day.

The other thing is that if people make reservations, we are obligated to hold those reservations. If somebody reserves a movie from 7:00 to 9:00, and they don’t show up and it’s 7:30 and somebody wants to use the theater, they cannot. If they’re coming to watch an hour and a half movie, they don’t have to show up until 7:30.

You can block it up to two and half hours at a time. I believe you can do back-to-back reservations. If there’s a sporting event or something, absolutely! Just make sure you have the times right.

You can bring your own DVD player, Roku, Fire stick, Apple TV, laptop…. We have an HDMI plug-in up there, so you can watch your own stuff. You can watch cable. We don’t have premium channels, so that’s what the devices are better for.

We’ll pop popcorn for you as much as you want. You can bring your own drinks. You can bring your own snack foods. They just don’t want big stuff like pizzas with huge parties up there. We don’t want to mess the theater up, so.

Yeah, it’s relatively easy to pick up popcorn. Not so easy to pick up cake on the floor.

Yes! Please! I don’t want to pick up smoosh and frosting.

Okay, what about the coffee bar? There are certain hours you can get coffee.

Absolutely. So, the coffee bar is designated for the mornings. It opens when the office opens during the day, so 8:00 in the morning until 1:00 PM. Saturday is from 10:00 to noon or 10:00 to 1:00, I think. I think it’s noon. There’s a plaque there that says what the times are. It’s not open on Sundays, so please be mindful of that.

I’m not going to get on your case if you move the plaque saying the coffee bar is closed and you make one. But, if it’s repeated, I may say, “Hey, we’re closed.” But, we have tea as well. If you would like some tea, please come down and get some. I believe it’s there any time. Just ask!

Okay, what about if you have a package? I know you guys are there when the office is closed. So, if the office is closed, you can still get your package. Just ask for it, right?

Sure. So, we do have two package-holding centers. Packages get delivered to the office. When it closes, they come into the two areas and we have keys for that. We will gladly get them for you. We’ve had some instances where people said they had a package delivered but it didn’t go here, it went out to the mailboxes. So, if it’s a smaller box delivered by USPS, they will try to put it out there in the big boxes at first. Otherwise, they will bring it in here. So, don’t be discouraged if we don’t have it and you haven’t checked the mailboxes yet. It might be out there.

That’s happened to me before. I got so confused. It said it was delivered and I just didn’t see the tiny little key for the holding door for the bigger boxes.

Cool. What about music and television? There’s a separate system for each room so you can totally change every room if you want to.

Yes, that’s for sure. Sometimes people come in here to study in different rooms. In the Zen lounge, in the wine lounge, in the library, in this conference room here…. We have people that play pool in the sports lounge. We have people chatting in the one of the areas with TVs. They don’t want to watch what’s on there or they don’t want to listen to hard rock if they’re trying to study.

So, we do have the design where we change the stations depending on what you’re wanting. We have different stations for different rooms. We can do different channels for different TVs. Please don’t be afraid to ask. If it’s too loud, we’ll certainly turn it down. If it’s too low, we can turn it up to a certain extent. We have to be mindful, especially in the pool area. So please ask, always! It just has to be family- friendly which means nothing explicit. We don’t want to be blasting that around here!

Any other things that people come to you often for, asking questions about?

The only thing I can think of is people have come to me locked out of their apartment, they’ve had emergencies, they’ve had power outages…please call me! Call us anytime you want. Come see us. I’ve had to direct them to emergency maintenance, which is fine. I’m cool. I’m okay with that. If you don’t know what to do, you can always come see me. You can call me anytime.

Generally, that kind of sums it up. We don’t get anything strange or weird or out there. So, please, don’t feel like you’re asking a really weird question! That’s never happened. Anything that you need, please!

Little Rock Recommendations

I know another big part of your job aside from assisting people that live here is helping people who are new to Little Rock and directing them where to go. Where are your some of your favorite places to go?

So, I’m new to Little Rock, myself. I moved here in October. One of my favorite places to go out is Pinnacle Mountain in the mornings and on the weekend. Beautiful views. A lot of fun climbing out there is fun.

I’ve heard Hot Springs is fun. We’re going there next weekend. It’s an hour away.

So many beautiful lakes there.

We have two pedestrian bridges. I’m trying to make sure I get them right. One of them is the Big Dam Bridge, meaning there is a dam under it. The other one is at Two Rivers. Those are the two I’ve been to. They’re a lot of fun. I went there in November last year and they had pelicans that were migrating through. It was really fun to see. It was luck of the draw. We just went! We will probably try to go again this year to see if we see them again.

Other than that, I like to go down to the River Market on the weekends. It’s fun to see all of the people that come in. I saw the biggest watermelons I’ve ever seen! I didn’t know this was a watermelon state, but they were huge!

Other than that, being a student, I don’t have a lot of time to get out. But, I just try little places here and there. Restaurants, of course, I’m very food motivated.

What are your favorite places to go around here for food?

One of my favorite places to go is On the Border. They have a wonderful happy hour. They have watermelon margaritas right now. Chips and salsa, all you can eat. It probably fills you up! You don’t really need to order more than drinks because you will fill up on free chips and salsa. So, that’s really good.

The Flying Saucer is a bar that I’ve been to that I really enjoyed.

It’s got an extensive list. You can just be like, “What kind of beer do I want to try today?”

Yes, it takes you about a day to read the menu, but they have everything and anything you could ever want!

I know Mellow Mushroom is a really good place that I’ve been to. They have really good pizza. They have a brunch pizza, which is really good.

They have a Bloody Mary bar for brunch.

Yes! They do. Yes, get a Bacon Bloody Mary.

They also have live trivia on Thursdays. There’s a bunch of restaurants around here that I know do live trivia on different days.

There’s a lot of breweries, too. I know Stone’s Throw, Rebel Kettle, Diamond Bear…those are three that I know. They have a lot of stuff going on. It’s all over Facebook. I follow them just so I can keep up with what’s going on. Other than that, there’s just so many things to do here.

Yeah, I agree. Any other basic, necessity kind of things that somebody would need for the first time? Like, “Where do I go to get groceries? Where do I go to pick up laundry detergent?” Anything like that?

Right up here, up Bowman, there is a Sam’s and a Wal-Mart. I know that. Visit them often. Sam’s has the best produce selection I’ve seen around here. That’s why I joined. I think they have the best produce for the price.

There is a really big Kroger Marketplace out west on Chenal. They have a beautiful selection of meats and all kinds of stuff. They have more than just groceries. It’s kind of like a super store. It’s like a Wal-Mart. They compete really well.

There’s also a “regular” Kroger that’s down further east on Markham on little way. I’ve been there before, too, because I like a lot of Kroger stuff. I go to all three stores between Wal-Mart and Sam’s and Kroger to get the things I like.

We are surrounded by Krogers and Wal-Marts because we’re in Arkansas.

For those of you that like Whole Foods, there is a Whole Foods on Bowman a little bit farther than Wal-Mart, across on the east side of the street. So, a lot of people I know go to Whole Foods. They really like the organic options and everything else they have to offer there, too.

Agreed! What about movie theaters? We have a lot of movie theaters around here, too.

We do. Besides our wonderful movie theater, we have on that’s right down here off Colonel Glenn. I really enjoy that one. It used to be a Rave movie theater. But, all of their seats recline in every theater now. It’s really nice. They have an XD theater, which has bigger, better sound. It’s a great experience. It’s shaking, it’s so good. I really like that one. That’s the only one I know. I know there are others, but that’s my preference because it’s so close.

What about shopping? Where do you like to go shopping?

We do have an outlet mall, The Outlets at Little Rock, it’s really close. It’s right at 430/30, right there. There’s also a Dave & Buster’s down there that we’ve been to. It’s huge. If you’re an adult that loves to play games, goo there! It’s so fun.

So, there’s the outlets. Then, out west, there’s The Promenade that has a lot of shopping there as well. Then, over on University, there’s more mall shopping. I haven’t been there, though. I’m on online shopper. Amazon and all of my favorite stores…I usually just shop them online.

Yeah, and before we hopped on here, you were saying you were getting into BiteSquad.

Oh yeah! BiteSquad is the new phenomenon here in Little Rock. They pretty much deliver from any restaurant you want. You just order of their menu and they bring it to you. I know a lot of our residents bring it here. We should have our own BiteSquad concierge because they are here all the time! There’s a green car in front of Bowman Pointe probably every evening that I’ve worked.

So, they know how to get here!

Then, there’s a new one coming out called Waitr. They might be coming here. I don’t know if it’s actually here yet, but they’ve talked about bringing it here. So, look out for that. Competing prices, it might be good. For us, anyway!

Luxury Concierge Services

Well, that was everything we had on our list. I don’t see any live comments now. Do you have any final thoughts or anything else you want people to know?

Final thoughts…this is not our main source of income. So, this is not a job for us. We actually love being here. We love our residents. We want to get out and know you, so please come see us. Even if you don’t think you will ever use the clubhouse, please come through. If you don’t know anything about the clubhouse, I will gladly show you around everything we have. I’m sure LeMarcus and Tamara would, as well. They are the other two concierges.

We all get along great. We love our staff here in the leasing office. We get along well together. We love it here. We live here, as well. So, we know what it’s like to be residents. So, if you have any issues, problems, I’ve had people come to me before. I completely understand. We always help direct you in the right direction.

So, don’t feel that you can’t come to us with problems because we’re here, too. We’re residents. We live here, just like you.

Well, thank you, Ashley!

Thank you!

This has been so much fun!


Like I said at the beginning, even though this is live, we’re going to post it on our page. So, if you’re watching this later, go ahead and leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you. We get notifications when people leave comments, so we can get you an answer. Good night, everybody!



If you have any questions about the concierge services at Bowman Pointe, contact us and we would love to tell you more.

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