8 Cool Things You Can Do With a Spare Bedroom in Your Apartment

cool things to do with a spare bedroom in an apartment

Whether you are thinking about living alone or with someone else, it can become a big decision figuring out which apartment size is right for you. Do you go with a one-bedroom apartment? Or, do you upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment? Just to ease your mind, know that there are lots of cool things you can do with a spare bedroom should you decide to go that route. Here are just a few ideas we have on ways you can use the extra room!

#1: Studio Space

Are you a photographer? Artist? Crafter? Whether it’s for your career or just for fun, you can use the extra room in your apartment as an awesome studio space!

We know plenty of Bowman Pointe residents that use their extra bedrooms to take photos, record videos, produce music, make jewelry, and more. That second bedroom in your two-bedroom apartment will be perfect for storing all your equipment, tools, and supplies. Imagine how productive and dedicated you will become to your art when you have your own space to get creative!

#2: Zen Zone

Do you ever get stressed out and wish you had a peaceful place to go and get away? Your wish is our command. Consider the idea of using a second bedroom as your personal Zen zone!

A spare room would make for a great reading nook, meditation space, or whatever else would help you relax and unwind. Find the things that help you de-stress and start building your own sanctuary in your apartment.

#3: Dressing Room

Having an extra room in your apartment is the perfect excuse to store extra stuff. Why not use your closets for storage, and turn your spare room into an enormous walk-in closet?

You could find a giant mirror, set up a vanity, and hang all your clothes on racks to create the perfect dressing room. How glamorous!

#4: Exercise Room

While Bowman Pointe has several free fitness amenities like our gym, pool, and virtual fitness studio, we know you sometimes want to get away and work out all alone.

You can transform your extra bedroom into an exercise room filled with the fitness equipment you love to use at home. If your fitness is really important to you, an exercise room will help you work out on your own time in your own way.

#5: Media Room

Are you a big gamer, movie buff, or sports enthusiast? Make your spare bedroom into the media room of your dreams!

If you install a giant TV, a few speakers, some lounge chairs, and all your favorite memorabilia, you can get cozy and let loose alone or with your friends any day of the week. Get excited to host the gaming tournament, movie marathon, binging session, or watch party you could never have without that extra space.

#6: Pet Palace

Your pet is your best friend, and they deserve their own room! How about you use the spare room in your apartment as a dog den or cat corner?

A pet palace would be the perfect spot for your pet to play, snack, and nap. Once they have their own space, you can keep all their toys and treats out of your space!

#7: Home Office

If you often work from home, you know that your couch or your dining table isn’t the best place to get things done. Why not convert your spare bedroom into an awesome home office?

You can find a great desk, some shelving, inspiring artwork, and office supplies to craft the optimal office space. Then, shut the bedroom door and focus on important projects when they need your undivided attention.

#8: Guest Room

Of course, one cool thing you can do with a spare bedroom that never goes out of style is decorate it as a guest room. Whenever friends or family come to visit and need a place to crash for the night, they won’t have to sleep on your couch! Plus, they will have their own separate bathroom and you don’t have to share yours.

You can decorate the guest room however you like, of course, but feel free to use our photo gallery as inspiration!

Do you have any other ideas on cool things to do with a spare bedroom in an apartment? Share them with us in the comments!

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