Good Neighbor or Bad Neighbor, Which One Are You?

how to be a better neighbor in an apartment complex

Luxury apartment complexes are an amazing place to live. Especially at Bowman Pointe, where we have a wonderful resident community, modern floor plans, and incredible upscale amenities. But if you’re a bad neighbor, all of that can go out the window. As our property continues to grow, now is the time to revisit the rules and recognize what it looks like when they get broken. With that, we explain how to be a good neighbor in an apartment complex and what you can get out of it.

8 Signs You’re a Bad Neighbor

If you ever receive a notice from the community directors, that’s the first sign you are having a negative impact on the community. Multiple notices lead to multiple strikes against you, which can get you fined or evicted. To help you understand the difference between a good neighbor and a bad neighbor, we went through some of our most common resident complaints to explain which actions can get you in hot water.

  • You Smoke in the Apartment Complex

Smoking—of any substance, legal or illegal, including vapor—is not allowed inside your apartment or in any common areas of the property. However, we do permit smoking cigarettes, cigars, or vapes on your patio or balcony.

That means you cannot smoke in the clubhouse, your apartment building, and at any of our outdoor amenities. If you decide to smoke legal or illegal drugs in these areas, your neighbors have every right to report you when they see it or smell it. These reports, once investigated, are grounds for us to call the police, fine you, and even evict you. We don’t want to do that! So, be a good neighbor and keep our community smoke-free.

  • You’re Noisy

Quiet hours at Bowman Pointe are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. During that time, you must limit the amount of noise you create in your apartment and within the entire apartment complex. But outside of being quiet when most others are sleeping, it’s also not neighborly to generate unnecessary noise at any time.

If you blast your music from your car in the parking lot, run up and down the stairs, host a group of noisy guests in your apartment, etc., you are being a bad neighbor.

  • You Don’t Pick Up After Your Pet

Dog waste can be a major health hazard if not cleaned up immediately and thoroughly. If you do not pick up after your pet, you are putting the health and happiness of your neighbors and their pets at risk. We have pet waste bag stations located throughout the grounds for this purpose. Use them!

  • You Don’t Keep Your Dog on a Leash

No matter how well-behaved or well-trained your dog may be, you must keep them on a leash outside your apartment at all times. No exceptions. We don’t want you, your dog, your neighbors, or your neighbors’ dogs to get hurt.

  • You Don’t Tidy Your Patio

A big reason why we have community rules is to just to help keep the property looking beautiful. Because your patio is the first thing most people see when they visit Bowman Pointe, your patio or balcony must be kept clean and tidy.

This means you can’t use the area for general storage, trash disposal, outdoor grilling, and excessive decorating. If you don’t remember all the specifics on this policy, please revisit your Resident Handbook.

  • Your Guests Don’t Know the Rules

You are more than welcome to invite guests to visit you at Bowman Pointe, but if they don’t follow the rules, these violations are on you. Don’t be a bad neighbor and allow your guests to disrespect those around you – that just gets you in trouble! Make sure your guests don’t park in a carport, smoke on the property, bring glass to the pool area, etc.

  • You Don’t Clean Your Apartment

We’re not here to tell you when and how to clean your apartment, but you have to keep it clean for the health of yourself and your neighbors. If you don’t take out your trash, wash your dishes, or clean your bathrooms, that invites odors and pests into your apartment than can find their way into your neighbors’ apartments. Don’t be the source of the funk!

  • You Abuse the Amenities

One awesome amenity that we love being able to offer is the 24-hour fitness center. But, the fitness center is surrounded by other apartments and quiet hours apply there just as they do in your apartment building. So, don’t blast your music or drop your weights on the floor during a midnight workout session.

The same goes for all community amenities, no matter what time it is. Follow the rules so that others aren’t disturbed, floors aren’t stained, furniture isn’t ruined, and machines don’t break. How can you be a good neighbor here? Just don’t ruin the things that everyone wants to enjoy! If you see that something isn’t working properly, let us know so we can fix it.

How to Be a Good Neighbor in an Apartment Complex

Now that you know what not to do, let’s make Bowman Pointe the best apartment complex in Little Rock. Here are some tips on how you can become a rock star neighbor that everybody adores.

Follow the Three C’s

Be courteous. Be conscientious. Be considerate. You can’t lose if you follow that logic!

Report problems when they occur

If you see smell smoke in your building, report it. If someone seems to be having a raucous party, report it. If anything seems “off” or “wrong,” report it! Even if an issue or incident doesn’t necessarily bother you in the moment, tell us because it will bother someone else and impact the whole community. We want our apartment complex to be the most peaceful and modern place to live in Little Rock, so help us out. We may have cameras all over the property, but we don’t see everything. Issues can’t be fixed unless we are made aware of them.

Don’t be “that guy”

On the flip side of that coin, being a good neighbor involves having a little bit of leeway with your neighbors, too. Nobody is perfect, and accidents can happen. So, give your neighbors some slack if something goes wrong. Reporting too many non-issues makes you just as bad of a neighbor as someone that regularly causes them.

Be an active member of the community

Part of being a good neighbor is taking the time to get to know who your neighbors are and treating them with respect. Greet your neighbor when you see them in the hallway. Hold a door open for your neighbor when they are carrying in groceries. Let your neighbors know before you plan on having people over. It’s that easy!

You can also get to know more people by attending our community events. For example, we have Turn Up Tuesday every week and there is always someone there to hang out with. Stop by and get to know your neighbors! By being an active part of the property, you can take more ownership of what it’s like to live here.

If you need to revisit any of our community policies, you can read the Resident Handbook provided in your welcome packet or view it online via the resident portal. Have any questions? Just contact us!

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