Our App In-Depth: How to Reserve an Amenity

how to reserve an amenity using the Bowman Pointe app

In case you didn’t already know, we have an app! The Bowman Pointe resident app is a super handy tool you can use to do all kinds of things. From submitting a maintenance request to reserving an amenity, you can do all kinds of things with the tap of your finger.

Today, we’re explaining step-by-step how to use the app to reserve an amenity in our clubhouse like the Movie theater, Conference Room, or Banquet Room. If you would rather watch a step-by-step tutorial, check out our how-to video here.

Step #1: Get the App

First things first: The Bowman Pointe app is for residents only. If you’re not a resident, or if you’re an incoming resident that has yet to move in, you will be unable to access the app.

But, if you are a resident, you should download our app and start using it! Just search for “Richardson Management” in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you download the app and enter your information, it will confirm your resident account here at Bowman Pointe and allow you to open the Bowman Pointe app.

Step #2: Tap the Right Tile

When you open the Bowman Pointe app, you will notice there are tiles you can scroll through across the homepage. The first one you should see is called “Events & Happenings.”

To reserve an amenity, scroll over to the tile that says, “Amenity Reservations.”

Step #3: Select an Amenity

Once you tap on the correct tile, you will see three amenity options you can reserve: The Movie Theater, Conference Room, and Banquet Room.

Select the amenity you would like to reserve, and you will see more details about that room.

Step #4: Review the Rules

Please take a moment to review the rules for the room you would like to reserve. Each amenity has set hours, capacity restrictions, guest restrictions, food and drink restrictions, etc.

Important Note: If you are reserving the Banquet Room, there are fees associated and noted for you in the Amenity Reservations tile. After you submit your reservation request, you will have to pay these fees and complete a reservation confirmation form by visiting our front office.

Step #5: Open Your Resident Portal

After you review the amenity rules, you can tap on the link to reserve the amenity. That link will take you to the Resident Portal. (You can also skip the app entirely and open the link to our Resident Portal right here on our website.)

Now, just log in using the credentials you created when you first applied for your apartment.

Step #6: Select Your Slot

You’re so close now! From the Resident Portal dashboard, you can open the menu and look for Reservations.

From there, it’s time to put in your reservation details:

  • Because each amenity has different hours on different days, make sure you select the correct amenity and the correct day. For example, if you want to reserve the Conference Room from Monday through Friday, look for “Weekday Conference Room.” Likewise, if you want to reserve the Movie Theater for a Saturday or Sunday, look for “Saturday Movie Theater” or “Sunday Movie Theater.”
  • Then, select your calendar date and time slot. If you cannot select the date and time you like, that means that amenity is not available for that date or time.
  • Pro Tip: There are time limits for your initial reservation. But if you need a longer reservation, you can reserve back-to-back time slots!

There you have it! Now, you should have no problem reserving an amenity here at Bowman Pointe using our awesome app.

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