How We Spell ‘LUXURY’ Living at Bowman Pointe

View of luxury apartment living at Bowman Pointe pool.

Luxury apartment living can be spelled out in so many ways by so many people. But, at Bowman Pointe, we know exactly what we are talking about. Trust us: our walk matches our talk. That’s what makes our community so unique to Little Rock!

When you actually break down the word “luxury” letter by letter, you can get a sense of what we mean when we say we are a luxurious, resort-style apartment community. Let’s dive in…

“L” is for “Leisure”

When you leave work, you need to check out, relax, and de-stress. It’s important to find time to enjoy your favorite leisure activities when you’re finally off the clock.

That’s why Bowman Pointe is full of amenities designed to give you complimentary, unlimited access to all the things you like to do for fun.

Watching movies, playing games, working out, going for a swim…we have a spot for all of that here at Bowman Pointe. From the movie theater to the sports lounge, you have plenty of places to go when you want to do something relaxing and fun.

Plus, there are lounges everywhere! Nothing says, “I’m living a life of leisure,” like spending an afternoon reading in our Zen lounge or hanging out by a fire pit.

“U” is for “Utopia”

When there are two u’s needed to spell “luxury” apartment living, one of them has to be for “utopia.”

To see what we mean, just look at our community photo gallery.

When you see the gorgeous landscaping, modern apartment details, and first-class amenities, you will know Bowman Pointe is meant to be your oasis.

Time stops, reality sets in, and you can finally feel like yourself here. It’s the perfect utopia, so how could you not call us home?

“X” is for “Xyst”

Okay, so, we have to admit: x’s are hard! But in doing our research for appropriate words starting with “x,” we found “xyst.” defines “xyst” as “a covered portico, as in a promenade” in ancient Greek and Roman architecture. goes into more detail, explaining that the Greeks used “xystus” as the term for the covered area outside a gymnasium where everyone could still exercise when it was cold or raining. The Romans then used “xyst” as the word for a walkway in front of their porticoes (or porches), which were decorated with flower beds and large trees.

Well, guess what? We totally have one!

outdoor lounge at Bowman Pointe

We invite you to check out the xyst we have located just outside our clubhouse, next to our gym, with a relaxing view of the pool, palm trees, and flower beds. The ceiling has built-in heaters and fans so you can relax and enjoy this luxurious lounge area any time of year.

“U” is for “Unity”

Unity, as is comm-unity, is what luxury apartment living is all about.

In other words, Bowman Pointe is not just an apartment complex. We detest that word!

Bowman Pointe was built to be an all-inclusive, luxury apartment community. That kind of lifestyle is dictated by so many factors, all of which can be (and should be) unified in one location.

Let’s say you work from home, get your groceries or meals delivered, and shop for everything you need for your apartment online…

When your packages are delivered, you get a text and all you have to do is pick them up from our office. When you want to catch your favorite flick, we have a movie theater here waiting for you. When you need to work out, there’s no need to join a gym because we have a 24-hour fitness center.

Your home is where your heart is, and what you love about life can be found here at Bowman Pointe. In fact, if you want, you never have to leave!

“R” is for “Royalty”

Let us assure you – you will feel like royalty when you live here.

Did you know we have late-night concierge services? Until 10:00 pm every night, just like a hotel, we have a concierge on duty to assist you. They even make you popcorn when you reserve the movie theater.

Need to get some dry cleaning sent off? When you set up an account with Tide Dry Cleaners, we will hold your laundry for you. Then, Tide picks it up and drops it off, clean and fresh.

Want to host an elegant soiree for your regal court of friends? Have a game night in our poker lounge, and we’ll provide the cards and chips. Or, reserve the banquet room for a party, shower, or other special event.

“Y” is for “You”

When it comes down to it, what really makes life at Bowman Pointe so special is people like you. What is a luxury apartment community without people living in it?

The energy and enthusiasm our residents have make the Bowman Pointe community a unique place to call home. You can see it at large gathering spots, especially during community events.

When everyone comes together, the whole apartment community just comes to life. You meet new people, try new things, laugh, sing, dance…it’s magical!

Want to join in the fun? Schedule a tour and we will show you what luxury apartment living really looks like.

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