A Look Back at Our First Year

In the video above, our leasing staff reminisced about their favorite memories from our first year at Bowman Pointe. What did it take to build the best apartments in Little Rock? How has the community developed? Furthermore, what are we looking forward to in the coming months and years? We talked about all of it and included some never-before-seen photos and videos! Whether you watch the video or read the transcription below, we hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at life here at Bowman Pointe.

Keep reading after the transcript – we have bonus memories from the staff that were not included in the video!

How would you describe Bowman Pointe?

I would describe Bowman Pointe as premier, beautiful, luxurious, high-end luxury, amazing, and ground-breaking.

What was it like to open Bowman Pointe to the public for the first time?

The clubhouse when we first opened was closed due to construction for a couple of months. We would have people that would peek in through the doors. [We were] looking through windows and saying, “This is what it’s going to be, you just can’t see it yet.”

So, opening Bowman Pointe was very exciting, just to see the amazement in their faces as they were seeing things for the first time. We tour the model and show them all the amenities. They are always in such awe. The bright colors, the beautiful artwork, the rhinoceros heads, and the astronauts…

How would you describe the resident community?

I feel like the community is super fun. There’s a lot of great people. They’re very fun, outgoing, nice, really down-to-earth, and very friendly.

What was your favorite event from the first year?

My very first event that we did was the resident Mix & Mingle that we did pre-lease. We did it on a Tuesday so it was our official Turn Up Tuesday. Our very first one.

My favorite event was Cinco de Mayo. I’m from El Paso and I loved seeing the Mariachi band. It was out by the pool, so everyone got to dress up with sombreros and drink margaritas, so it was a lot of fun.

What are your hopes for the future of Bowman Pointe?

I hope for the future of Bowman Pointe that everyone remains excited, especially with the new phases coming on. We have so much interest, everyone wants to get in. You get to go through all the excitement of helping someone pick their home.

I am excited to see Bowman Pointe grow into the property that we’ve already built it to become, just on a way larger scale. Giving people great customer service and giving them a place to live in Little Rock where they can relax, have fun, and enjoy their life.

Bonus Memories from Bowman Pointe, the Best Apartments in Little Rock

Halley Garcia, Leasing Consultant

“My favorite memory of working at Bowman Pointe so far would be my first move-in. That was super awesome. The people that moved in were really excited, so of course it was contagious. I loved it.”

Jerry Savage, Assistant Community Director

“Going from the pre-leasing process all the way up to lease signing, we originally did our lease signings across the street at our sister community [The Pointe Brodie Creek]. Then, we transitioned into to the model [apartment] until we opened the office and the clubhouse.

“When we would do our tours, we would just kind of pinpoint things from the back of the clubhouse.

“My favorite memory was transitioning from the model apartment to the office…just taking apart all the computers, setting up at our new desks…everybody finding out where they were going to be sitting for the first time and seeing how the office was arranged.

“My hope for Bowman Pointe is that everybody stays excited about the community as we go through the new phases, because we will be having new phases added onto the property. I’m really excited about Phase II coming early next year, because you get to go through all the excitement of helping someone pick their home. It’s really fun because we get to pull out all the architectural blueprints and show them where it’s going to be facing and all those types of things.”

Kristen Nelms, Leasing Director

“My most favorite memory from this past year would be whenever we opened the clubhouse. We were finally able to move away from the two-bedroom, model unit we were operating out of and actually show people the amenities and explain how to use them. That was a lot of fun.”

Lora Bueker, Community Director

“My favorite event so far would probably be our first birthday party. It was a lot of fun and we had a great turnout.

“My favorite memory still happens. It’s getting to show a prospective resident the community for the first time. We tour the model and show them the amenities. They are always in such awe of it.”

If you would like to get a tour of the best apartments in Little Rock, contact the Bowman Pointe leasing office. We would love to welcome you into our growing community!

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