What a Luxury Apartment Has That Your Average Apartment Doesn’t

what do luxury apartments have in little rock

Little Rock is changing, and so are the people living in it. A few years ago, you would have sounded crazy if you described your apartment as “luxurious.” But today, luxury apartment communities like Bowman Pointe do exist and they are almost nothing like your average apartments of the past. So, how should you compare the two? What’s the real difference? Let us explain what luxury apartments have that’s making them the best choice in Little Rock today.

What Do Luxury Apartments Have?

While we can only speak for ourselves, we know from our research that luxury apartments stand out in the market for a variety of reasons:

  • Luxury Finishes – The average apartment doesn’t have much personality. Honestly, after a while of touring each one, they will all start looking the same. But luxury apartments offer decorative finishes that take their appeal over the top. Modern, upscale finishes like custom hardwood cabinetry, granite countertops, and stainless-steel appliances easily stand out when you compare them to those made of questionable laminate and plastic!
  • Luxury LayoutsLuxury apartment layouts (or floor plans) feature the “extras” that the average apartment doesn’t have: extra space, extra height, extra features, etc. You’ll find walk-in closets, kitchen pantries, and beautiful bathrooms that add to, not take away from, the overall apartment layout. The detail put into every architectural decision made for luxury apartments is what makes them feel so different.
  • Luxury Amenities – Does the average apartment complex have a movie theater? Or a wine cellar? How about a poker lounge? Or a pet park? Exactly. Luxury apartment communities stand out with an incredible list of amenities that take life to the next level. From the moment you step (or drive) through the gates, Bowman Pointe just feels different. When you walk into the clubhouse, you feel like you’re checking in to a Las Vegas resort, not a Little Rock apartment community.
  • Luxury Conveniences – Living in a luxury apartment community also comes with a lot of perks that help you save time and money every day. Take dry cleaning services, for example. At Bowman Pointe, we have a partnership with Tide Dry Cleaners that allows our residents to drop off and pick up their dry cleaning with our concierge staff.* One errand, done! That easy!
  • Luxury Events – The average apartment community leaves its residents to their own devices. There’s no engagement or excitement. That’s fine if you just want a place to crash at the end of a long work day; but if you really want to live life to the fullest, a luxury apartment community offers an incomparable experience. At Bowman Pointe, we have a weekly happy hour with free beverages every single Tuesday. Plus, our regular event schedule includes a host of exclusive pool parties, delicious wine tastings, and cheerful holiday celebrations. You’re always on “the list” here!

Are you ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed? Contact the leasing team at Bowman Pointe for a tour!

*To take advantage of this service, you must set up an account with Tide Dry Cleaners.

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