A Preview of What’s Coming in Phase II

brand new apartments in Little Rock

Phase II of Bowman Pointe is currently under construction, with a projected opening date of Spring 2018. We know you are all antsy to see what these new apartments in Little Rock will look like, because we are, too!

We will be ready to start pre-leasing for the first of five new apartment buildings soon. Until then, we wanted to give you a little preview of what to expect in the next phase of our beautiful, modern property!

Brand New Apartments

Phase II consists of five three-story buildings containing 202 brand new apartments. Like Phase I of Bowman Pointe, Phase II will feature a mixture of one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments.

New Apartment Floor Plans

Our floor plans are all named after precious gems: Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, and Citrine. You will see them all in Phase II, so look over our luxury apartment sizing guide to figure out which one best suits your needs.

680 SF one bedroom apartment - the Amber floor plan
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One special addition to our lineup of new apartments is an exciting extended version of the Sapphire called the Amber. With this new one-bedroom floor plan (pictured above), you will get an additional 100 square feet of living space and a gorgeous 11-foot-long kitchen island with a wraparound bar for seating.

Get ready to upgrade your lifestyle! Buildings 4 and 5 will have another upscale feature: 10-foot ceilings, as opposed to the 9-foot ceilings in the other apartment buildings.

Brand New Amenities

If you’ve seen Phase I of our property, you know that we go big on the amenities. Our two-story clubhouse has a movie theater, 24-hour fitness center, virtual fitness studio, poker lounge, wine cellar, business center, conference room, Zen lounge, and sports lounge. Plus, we have the largest privately-owned residential pool in Arkansas!

Of course, we are going to have even more luxurious amenities for everyone to enjoy in Phase II…

new apartment community in Little Rock
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Putting Green

There are two courtyards going up between the five new apartment buildings in Phase II, and a putting green will be in one of them. All of you golfers out there are going to love this outdoor amenity! There will be several holes on the green to help you practice your putting or break in a new putter.

Bocce Ball Court

Bocce ball is about to be your new favorite pastime. Just across the courtyard from the putting green, we will have a new bocce ball court you will have to try at least once.

Never heard of bocce ball? Here’s your history lesson: bocce ball is essentially lawn bowling. The modern version of this game originated in Italy, but you can see groups of people gathered to play it anywhere across Europe on a sunny afternoon. It’s actually very similar to shuffleboard or curling in that you have two teams trying to gather points by gliding objects toward one end of the court. Instead of discs or stones, you use balls.

Once we finish the court, you will have to read over the rules and go play!

Garages & Storage Units

In addition to new carports and parking spaces, we are also building new one-car garages in Phase II. When we announce pre-leasing for Phase II, we will also release details on any garages that will be available. Buildings 1, 2, 4, and 5 will all have at least two garages open for residents to reserve for a monthly fee.

If that wasn’t enough, Phase II will also feature some indoor, first-floor storage units. More information will be available once pre-leasing starts, so stay tuned.

Grilling & Chilling

new amenities coming in Phase II at Bowman Pointe in Little Rock
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We will have more grills, fire pits, and outdoor seating coming along in Phase II! Did you think we would make you walk all the way to the pool to grill up some burgers? Come on, now! You know us better than that.

preview of new apartments at Bowman Pointe
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You can also expect to see a stunning water feature in one of our new courtyards (seen in the rendering above). If you secure a new apartment facing this fountain, get ready to relax to the sound of soft, flowing water at the end of a long, hard day.

If you had any question about how amazing Phase II was going to be, we hope this cleared it up for you. To be among the first people to receive pre-leasing information, please contact our leasing team and tell them what type of new apartment in Little Rock you need. We will add you to our email list and notify you as soon as new buildings open next year.

22 responses to “A Preview of What’s Coming in Phase II

    1. Hi, Tevin! The Amber will be 680 SF. We do not have pricing finalized yet for the new apartments becoming available in Phase II. That will be released when pre-leasing starts!

    1. Hi, Becca! Pricing hasn’t been finalized yet for the new apartments becoming available in Phase II. That will be released when pre-leasing starts. The Amber does not have a patio, but the Ruby does!

    1. Hi, Tinia! The same two-bedroom apartments (Diamond and Citrine floor plans) will be available in Phase II.

    1. Hi, Renee! Leasing for Phase 2 started in February! There are five buildings in Phase 2 (Buildings 1-5). So far, we have opened Building 4 and Building 5. We are currently pre-leasing Building 3, which opens on June 16. As of today (05/10/18), we only have two-bedroom apartments left. If you would like to see what’s available and apply, go to the “Apply Now” tab here on our website and click on “Phase 2.” Buildings 1 and 2 will hopefully be completed towards the end of summer.

    1. Hi, Lawson! If you click on “Apply Now” and select “Phase 2 – Buildings 1-5,” you can see what is available to lease.

    1. Lawson, as of today (05/18/18), all our one bedrooms are leased. Our next size up would be the Diamond floor plan, which is 1080 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. That second bedroom could be a perfect guest room or office for you. The Diamonds are starting at $1202 a month right now, and we have some available in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 buildings. More one bedrooms should be completed by the end of the summer, fingers crossed!

  1. When will more preleasing be announced? We took a tour and wanted a ruby apartment and didn’t fill out the online lease before someone else did on one available unit. We were told to check back daily, but is there any way we can be told preleasing times so we can try to get an apartment with you guys?

    1. Hi, Taylor! I’m so sorry, but pre-leasing announcements are all done for at least the next year. The last two buildings we have left to open in Phase 2 are Buildings 1 and 2, and we are already pre-leasing those. You are correct – the last Ruby we had left to pre-lease is gone. I think your next best bet would be to watch our Phase 1 leasing portal. If any vacancies come available soon, that is where they might happen. I wish you wanted a two-bedroom apartment! They are stunning and you would have plenty to choose from right now.

  2. I watched video of Sapphire on the YouTube and saw the bonus room inside of the BR. What’s the price difference between regular Sapphire and Sapphire + bonus room? Is there a new building that will be built up in 2019? I will apply for the tour soon, but just curious now..

    1. Hi, Lee! Sapphires are currently starting at $800 a month. With the bonus room, it would be $975 a month. We have two new buildings currently under construction. Hopefully, they will be opening up this summer!

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