Our 7 Favorite Local Breweries near Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments!

Little Rock breweries
So you have seen our post on the seven best places to eat near our location in West Little Rock, right?

And then did you couple that with our seven best staycation spots to visit in Little Rock?

Now it’s time for beer.

Summertime is the best time to enjoy a cold brew poolside.  Did you know Little Rock is home to some fabulous local breweries?  Just minutes away from Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments, you can satisfy your taste buds with the perfect craft beer.  The breweries are also known for their juicy burgers and fun atmosphere.

Diamond Bear brewery

    1. One of Little Rock’s first production breweries (established in 2000) is Diamond Bear Brewing Co.  They are known for their Pale Ale which has been a three-time Gold Winner.  Take a 20 minute drive from Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments to experience a tour of this fine brewery.  Tours are available to the public on Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays (and you can also have a tasting of some of the delish brews FREE while touring).  To check out their tour schedule visit the Diamond Bear website.

Lost 40 Brewery

    1. Some breweries are not only known for their tasty beer, but also for their food. Lost Forty has an amazing “get in my belly” brunch.  You can check out their Facebook Page and follow them for weekly beer and food updates. Shelley Ellis, Community Director for Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments, enjoys Lost Forty’s yummy brunch because its menu includes local ingredients, including scrumptious Petit Jean Bacon made in Morrilton, AR.
    2. If you wanna dive into some cheesy goodness, Vino’s is known for having some amazing pizza along with their array of craft beers.  However, don’t forget your dance shoes and listen to some locals play in the back room, alternative-style.  If you wanna see what bands are making their appearance you can visit the Vino’s website to check the event calendar.

Flyway Brewery in North Little Rock

  1. One of the newest breweries in Little Rock is Flyway Brewing Co. For directions, you can check their website.  Rumor has it that their Early Bird India Pale Ale is quite tasty when paired with their pretzels served with a side of beer dip.  Check out the revitalized  Argenta Historic District in North Little Rock on your way to this microbrewery and taproom via the trolley.  Also, while you’re out, don’t forget to take a selfie and tag us!
  2. The combination of four creative guys & a dusty building brought us Stone’s Throw Brewing Co.  After your visit this treasure, you can make your way to relax on the greens at MacArthur Park or meet up with other locals in the energetic atmosphere at the River Market District.  Visit Strone’s Throw’s website for more information.  Share with us your favorite brew from there! They change often!
  3. If you enjoy a good snack along with your craft beer, take a visit to Blue Canoe Brewing Co. While visiting with some prospective residents for Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments, they informed us of the amazing food and atmosphere.  Therefore, we had to experience it for ourselves.  Just a quirky fun fact, the artwork in the restroom made of beer bottle caps is super artsy.  Check out their beer list on their website.Rebel Kettle Brewing

  4. If you want to enjoy your brews on a great outdoor patio with cozy furniture year-round, take a 20 minute drive from Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments to one of Little Rock’s newest breweries Rebel Kettle.  While enjoying the black bean hummus, some of the locals were raving about the Zappa’s VooDoo Chips that come with their delicious burgers (you can even order grilled shrimp atop the patty).  Check out pics of their Beer Garden to see for yourself. Rebel Kettle is actually around the corner from Lost Forty, so we recommend doing an afternoon beer crawl to try them both!

Give us your feedback while visiting these local breweries.  We want to hear from yo,u so give us an idea of what your taste buds desire in the craft beer world!  This will be a great way for us to learn what our residents at Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments enjoy.    Who is ready for cocktail hour poolside along with a juicy grilled burger?  Cheers! Share this post below if you love it!

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