Why the Best Apartment Amenities Come in Every Color of the Rainbow

White is boring, black is bleak, and brown is bland. That’s why our decorating philosophy at Bowman Pointe is all about color, color, and more color. Our best apartment amenities come in every color of the rainbow not just because we want to be different, but because we want you to feel great, have fun, and make memories.

Think about it: your favorite colors are your favorites for a reason, right? Color has an effect on you! Let’s explore what some of our favorite colors are, where you can find them in our clubhouse, and how they can make you feel.

Pink Amenities

A soft pink tone is often associated with sweetness and charm. At Bowman Pointe, our staff may be sweet and charming, but our best apartment amenities are a little more exciting.

When you walk around our clubhouse, you’re more likely to find streaks of hot pink. Why? Hot pink is electrifying and fun!

coffee bar

Coffee Bar

Need a boost of energy in the morning? Check out our coffee bar in the clubhouse lobby.

Next to the Starbucks coffee and tea machine (which is totally free to use until 1:00 pm Monday through Saturday), we have a bright orange wall (more on that later) accented by astronauts framed in hot pink lights.

If that doesn’t give you a nice jolt to start your day, what will?

24-hour gym

Fitness Center

Going to the gym is all about getting your blood pumping. As much will be obvious once you step foot into our fitness center, where we have three giant hearts lit up in more hot pink lights.

Red Amenities

Red is not only the color of love and passion (hello, Valentine’s Day!), but it also signifies energy, drive, and vitality.

red study room in Zen lounge

Zen Lounge

Our intensely red Zen Lounge makes for the perfect study spot or home office. Why? Because it will get you motivated to focus, think analytically, and get work done.

Plus, this red-roomed amenity offers peace and quiet when you need to get away from all the chaos of everyday life.

Orange Amenities

Orange is often associated with fun, vibrancy, and value. You don’t have to take this color as seriously as you take red, so it sets the mood with a warm, friendly vibe.

Pops of orange can be seen throughout the Bowman Pointe clubhouse, from our best apartment amenities to our community logo. The more you look, the more you’ll find walls, floors, pillows, and more with shades of orange in surprising spots.

orange business center

Business Center

Our business center is a quick-stop shop for checking your emails and printing, copying, scanning, or faxing documents.

We utilize Print With Me in the business center, which allows our residents to set up an account and print or copy for free up to 30 black and white pages or 20 color pages per month.

Need to print or copy more than that? It’s only 15 cents a page for black and white or 49 cents per page for color.

Plus, scanning is unlimited and totally free!

conference room at Bowman Pointe Apartments in Little Rock

Conference Room

Have you ever looked down when you walk into our conference room? There’s an orange stripe in the floor!

Conference rooms can be stuffy and serious, but we invite you to have a little fun here when you hold meetings, study groups, or presentations.

Green Amenities

Green is the color of nature and growth, which is why you will see beautiful landscaping throughout our community. You can even cozy up in a green chair by one of our courtyard fire pits and enjoy all that Bowman Pointe living has to offer.

Green is also a quirky and creative color, especially the saturated lime green you can find in some of the best apartment amenities across our clubhouse.

pool tables in sports lounge at Bowman Pointe Apartments in Little Rock

Sports Lounge

Our green sports lounge is the perfect place to play pool, shuffleboard, and board games every day until 10:00 pm. Or, just hang out with your friends and watch a game on the big screen!

wine cellars at Bowman Pointe Apartments in Little Rock

Wine Cellar

An amenity framed in green invites you to feel relaxed and free.

Need a nice night in after a stressful day at the office? Uncork your favorite bottle of Rosé, Cabernet, or Chardonnay and unwind in our wine cellar!

poker lounge at Bowman Pointe Apartments in Little Rock

Poker Lounge

It’s no secret that green is the color of our currency, so why don’t you place a friendly bet with some guests in our green poker lounge?

Whenever you’re ready to play a game of poker, our concierge can bring you cards, a shuffler, and chips so you can do it right.

Blue Amenities

Blue is simply calm, cool, and collected. The perfect day at Bowman Pointe is one spent under blue skies in the blue water of our enormous, luxurious swimming pool.

But, that’s not the only place you can enjoy blue in our luxury apartment community. Several of our best apartment amenities are coated in blue to evoke confidence, comfort, and harmony.

banquet room at Bowman Pointe Apartments in Little Rock

Banquet Room

Our blue banquet room is a great gathering spot for parties, showers, meetings, and more. Grab up to 50 people for an elegant affair, evening event, or afternoon soiree.

blue fitness center

Fitness Center

Our bright blue fitness center is a great spot to sweat out your stress. Complete with exercise machines, free weights, and TVs, our gym is where you can go to collect yourself and get fit 24 hours a day.

blue virtual fitness studio with fitness classes

Virtual Fitness Studio

Are instructor-led classes more your brand of exercise? We have a virtual fitness studio that’s blue, too!

Through our Wellbeats portal, you can select any workout from a gallery of yoga classes, Zumba classes, Pilates classes, Stomp classes, and more. All the equipment you need is there for you, ready to go, and the instructor will walk you through the class from a drop-down projector screen.

movie theater

Movie Theater

When you go to the movies, do you ever notice the color of the theater? It’s usually black, which is boring.

It makes sense, if they are trying not to distract your attention from the movie. But, at Bowman Pointe, we are all about helping you get cozy and relax.

That’s why our movie theater is furnished with comfy blue reclining chairs and cuddle couches. When you reserve the theater for a movie night, a concierge will make you complimentary popcorn and have you select a film from our digital library of over 3,000 titles!

Rainbow Amenities

As you can see, the rainbow of colors is never ending across our best apartment amenities. Even in the hallways, you will see neon lights in the ceiling changing colors throughout the day. Yellow, purple, green, blue…they are all there to light up your life!

Want to see our colorful amenities in person? Schedule a tour and we will show you the best of what Bowman Pointe has to offer.

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