Survey Results Revealed: What Our Residents Want in 2018

Bowman Pointe resident survey results

Last month, we asked our residents to fill out a survey and help us understand what they like, don’t like, and want to see happen here at Bowman Pointe. We hoped it would help us plan some great programs and events for 2018. After getting a 15% response rate, we are happy to say we saw significant results and received valuable feedback! We broke down the survey results below, so you can see what everyone is wanting and learn which ideas we are going to make happen this year.

Community Events

If you’ve never been to a Bowman Pointe event, you’re missing out! We have happy hour every week, big holiday celebrations, pool parties, and everything in between. It’s always fun to see the community come together and enjoy themselves. But, that doesn’t mean we want to do the same events every year.

One idea we had was to hold karaoke nights. 51% of the survey respondents voted yes to that! We have a karaoke machine on our wish list for 2018, so we will let you know when to expect this new kind of event.

The survey results also showed that most people had some new event ideas, too. Here are some of the events that were suggested and our response:

Pet-Friendly Events

Some survey responses requested more pet-friendly events. One suggested pet obedience classes, but what other ideas do you have? What sounds fun to you?

We have discussed holding a “Yappy Hour” internally in the past. Would that be something you pet parents would like? We want our furry residents to feel at home here, too!

Weekend/Longer Events

We hear you when it comes to having events on days other than Tuesdays (when happy hour takes place) and expanding the hours of events. Last year, we had a weekend brunch event and a weekend pool party that allowed a lot more people to attend. You can expect to see us start switching things up again with the event schedule this year.

But, we will continue having Turn Up Tuesday every week, so you can consistently have something fun to do in the community. The idea of perhaps changing the hours from 5:00 to 7:00 pm to 5:30 to 7:30 pm is one we have discussed. We will also discuss extending event hours for special occasions like we have in the past. Stay tuned for updates on that!

Movie Nights

Our movie theater is amazing, so we were happy to see that some people wanted to have special movie nights. When the theater isn’t already reserved, we think it would be great to hold a movie screening.

Here’s our idea: New titles are added to our movie library every week. How about whenever an exciting new release becomes available, we schedule a screening and invite everyone to attend? The concierge on duty will happily make everyone some popcorn!

BBQ Nights

We did have a BBQ night last summer and it was very fun! To those of you that suggested this idea, you can expect to see another one happen this year. We’ve also done hot dog, pizza, and chili nights that we will be happening again this year.

S’more’s Nights

This is another type of event that we have had in the past and would love to do for you all again. The fire pits by the pool are a perfect place to roast s’mores.

Potluck Events

It’s awesome that some of you want to share your culinary skills by having a potluck. We love it! That kind of event is easy to say “Yes” to, but the worry we have is that not everyone will want to bring something. What if only two people make something, but dozens of people attend? What are your thoughts on that?

Generally, we also had requests for non-alcoholic beverages, more food, and late-night events. We have water and sodas behind the bar along with the alcoholic beverages at each event, so ask our bartender for them next time you go. More food also makes things more fun, so we will continue to offer snacks at major events and plan more food-themed events. But, unfortunately, we cannot let events go later than 10:00 pm. That is when the pool and clubhouse close to respect courtesy hours.

One person also asked that we create an event calendar. Well, you already have one in your resident portal! We post every event there, as well as on our Facebook page. Double-check that you’re following us.

Resident Programs

Internally, we have been toying with the idea of adding some new resident programs to enhance the community experience. But before we start researching and working on any concrete plans, we wanted to know if you would want them and gladly participate.

Here are the programs we suggested and how many votes each received:

  • Cooking Classes – 60%
  • Group Fitness Classes – 51%
  • Local Excursions and Day Trips – 38%
  • Resident Clubs – 36%

Since cooking and group fitness classes seem the most popular, we plan on reaching out to potential partners for these programs. If you know anyone that is a chef or fitness instructor, please point them our way!

In the meantime, head over to the virtual fitness studio anytime the clubhouse is open and get your workout on. Whether you’re alone or with a group of friends, you have plenty of fitness class options. We also have some recommendations on ways to stay active around Little Rock.

We would also love to help support any resident that would like to start a club or group within the community. Book clubs, running clubs, pet clubs…let us know how we can help facilitate your group!

Social Media Platforms

Social media is one of the major tools we use to communicate and engage everyone daily. Currently, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (bowmanpointe), Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. It’s a lot to take in! We want to put focus on posting to the platforms that residents actually like and use in 2018. That’s why we asked where everyone followed us!

Here are the top results:

  • Facebook – 83%
  • Instagram – 66%
  • Snapchat – 11%

These numbers are right on par with what we expected. That’s exciting! Expect to see us focus on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat posts in 2018.

Social Media Posts

We also wanted to know what kinds of social media posts everyone had seen in 2017, and, more importantly, what they enjoyed seeing.

Here’s what residents recall seeing in their feeds:

  • Facebook Event Pages – 74%
  • Poolside Chat Videos – 62%
  • Instagram Stories – 55%
  • Facebook and Instagram Contests – 51%
  • Facebook Live Videos – 36%
  • Blog Posts – 30%
  • Instagram Takeovers – 19%
  • Snapchat Stories – 15%

In comments, we read that you want to see more Instagram and Snapchat stories, event updates, resident photos, and Poolside Chats. We will happily oblige!

Know that we love seeing and sharing your posts about life at Bowman Pointe on social media. Clearly, your neighbors love it, too! We always see high engagement rates when we share resident photos and videos. But if you don’t tag us, we rarely see your posts. Please tag your location or tag our account and use #BowmanPointeLiving. That will help us find and share more resident photos with our followers.

Other Ideas and Suggestions

The survey also opened the floor to any ideas, suggestions, or complaints. Below, we have addressed each one.

Extending Amenity Hours

There were several comments along the vein of extending the hours that certain amenities are available. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate those requests.

Quiet hours begin at 10:00 pm, so it would be extremely inconsiderate to make the pool and clubhouse open later than that. We often get noise complaints during daylight hours, so imagine how angry your neighbors would get if you jumped into the pool late at night and disturbed their sleep!

However, the gym is open 24 hours a day. Feel free to go exercise there day or night!

Courtesy Officer

One resident noted that we should have a late-night courtesy officer on duty like our sister communities River Pointe and The Pointe Brodie Creek. We are happy to report we already had that in the works! Our new courtesy officer starts in March, and we will release more details about their role in the community at that time.

Package Notifications

Several people requested a notification system for package deliveries. Over the last few months, we have been looking into several different options for this kind of system. When we find an option that best fits our needs, we will absolutely invest in it and let you all know.

Until then, please keep track of any orders you place and ask your friends and family to notify you if they have sent you a package.

Parking Signs

There are many covered parking spaces throughout the property that residents can reserve and use for a monthly fee. Recently, we have experienced issues with guests and unauthorized residents parking in these covered parking spaces. A couple of comments in last month’s survey referenced this issue.

We have since (hopefully) remedied this problem by creating hang tags for residents that reserve a covered parking space. If any unauthorized vehicle is parked in these spaces without a hang tang, they are subject to towing at the owner’s expense. If you have a guest visiting you, please make them aware of these parking rules!

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, leave them in the comment section below. You can also contact our office staff at any time to share your feedback.

We are so excited for what’s to come in 2018 and hope you are, too!

2 responses to “Survey Results Revealed: What Our Residents Want in 2018

  1. Could we have different music playing outside instead of the handful of songs that get played over and over every day? This is not a complaint just a suggestion, I like all types of music but after a year the same songs get a little old. Just maybe mix it up a little with different genres. Thanks

    1. Hi, Michael! We try to keep the music set to a popular Pandora station. But, we can totally change it up. Do you have any suggestions?

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