The 7 Most Photographed Spots at Bowman Pointe

most photographed apartments in little rock

Bowman Pointe has got to have the most photographed apartments in Little Rock. From our modern floor plans to our luxurious amenities, every angle of the property has been shared and liked on social media.

Once you start scrolling through the check-ins and the tags, though, you will start to notice that seven spots stand out as fan favorites.

#1: Poolside Waterfall

Our resort-style pool is easily the most photographed spots anywhere at Bowman Pointe. It’s the centerpiece of the property, so it makes a lot of sense! In and out of the water, our residents just love sharing photos of their pool day adventures.

A big standout feature in the pool itself is our beautiful blue ceramic-tiled waterfall. As you can see, it glitters and sparkles in the sun, making for the perfect background in an Instagram post.

apartments in little rock with a pool
Photo courtesy of Shelbi Sloan (@shelbi.sloan) on Instagram

#2: Poolside Fire Pits

The waterfall isn’t the only spot in the pool area that our residents love. Once the sun goes down, you will always see a group of people hanging out at the poolside fire pits.

Sitting next to a warm fire and watching the lights dance across the pool has got to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable feelings you can imagine. You can even grab some drinks, roast some hot dogs, and make a bonfire night out of it.

apartments in little rock with poolside fire pits
Photo courtesy of Aaron Edens
(@aaronedens09) via Instagram

#3: Scenic Balconies

The scenic views across Bowman Pointe are in high demand. While some lucky residents get a balcony facing the pool, others get a balcony overlooking one of our gorgeous courtyards.

apartments in little rock with balconies
Photo courtesy of Ben Thomson (@benrthomson) on Instagram

We love seeing our resident enjoy their outdoor living spaces, especially to enjoy a meal or watch the sun set. Just check out these stunning shots from our residents on Instagram!

#4: Dog Park

Bowman Pointe is a pet-friendly apartment community, which makes the dog park the place to be for our furriest residents.

Dogs love to explore the rolling hills, run through the obstacle course, and play fetch in the sunshine. If they get a little too hot, there’s a nice water fountain they can sip from at the entrance.

#5: Fitness Center

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can and will see our residents working out in the fitness center. It’s equipped with a set of free weights, tons of machines, treadmills, and even a stair-climber.

You can see how hard our residents work when they sweat it out and show it off with a selfie!

For residents who find fitness classes are more their style of workout, our virtual fitness studio is their favorite spot. We have a feeling the view overlooking the pool also helps some get the motivation to exercise early in the morning.

#6: Zen Lounge

The Zen lounge in the clubhouse is the ultimate spot to chill out and get some peace and quiet. But what it’s really become infamous for is our red egg chairs.

best apartments in little rock
Photo courtesy of Melanie Barton via Facebook

Residents love cozying up in these chairs and sharing it on social media!

#7: Movie Theater

You can’t get much more luxurious than having a movie theater in your home. Very few apartments in Little Rock offer this amenity, so it’s a big treat for our residents.

What’s even more special is that you can do more than just watch a movie in our movie theater. Sure, we have almost 4,000 titles in our digital library you can choose from, but streaming something from your own device is possible, too!

apartments in little rock with games
Photo Courtesy of Daniel Chien (@freehugs_4u) via Instagram

As you can see, we’ve had residents stream Game of Thrones from their HBO Go accounts and even plug in their gaming console to battle on the big screen.

apartments in little rock with movie theater
Photo courtesy of Terri Anding via Facebook

No matter what you choose to watch, our concierge will always offer to make you free popcorn. Pretty awesome, right?

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