The Top 7 Questions New Residents Ask, Answered!

questions new residents ask at Bowman Pointe

If you have ever wondered how you do something here at Bowman Pointe, chances are another new resident has the same question. Well, we are here to fill in the blanks! Let’s go over some of the top questions new residents ask.

#1: How Do I Reserve a Room?

The Movie Theater and Conference Room are free for all residents to reserve. All you have to do is schedule your reservation through our staff. We keep a calendar of all reservations, so we can check to see if your desired time is available and pencil you in.

Most other rooms—like the Wine Cellar, Library, or Poker Lounge—are first-come-first serve. If you want to hang out in any of these rooms, go ahead!

However, if you would like to reserve the Banquet Room, there are costs associated:

  • 1 Hour – $50
  • 2 Hours – $100
  • 4 Hours – $150
  • 6 Hours – $200
  • 8+ Hours – $350

To reserve the Banquet Room, just speak to a member of our staff during office hours. All fees must be paid within 24 hours of submitting your reservation. If not, the reservation request will be denied.

This leads us to the next question…

#2: Do You Take Cards for Payment?

We get asked if we can take credit or debit cards to pay for room reservations, monthly rent, late fees, etc. Sorry, but the answer is no!

To pay for a Banquet Room reservation, we can accept a check, money order, automatic bank withdrawal, or let you pay the fee online through your resident portal.

For your monthly rent, we require payment through automatic bank withdrawal. Otherwise, there will be an $25 additional fee for processing.

#3: How Do I Use the Tanning Room?

The Tanning Room located in the Fitness Center is free and open for you to use anytime the clubhouse is open.

Just ask a member of our staff to unlock the room for you, and they will set the tanning bed for your desired tanning time, up to 10 minutes. If you would like a three-minute delay to prepare for your tan, just let us know. It’s that simple!

#4: How Do I Use the Fire Pits?

We have fire pits next to the pool and in each courtyard in Phase II. They are really easy to use!

On one of the steel poles surrounding each fire pit, you will see a timer. You can set the fire to burn for up to 30 minutes. Just twist the nob to your desired time frame and wait a few seconds for the gas to light the fire.

Please be mindful that the pool closes at 10:00 pm, so those fire pits will be closed at that time each night. If you want to use the courtyard fire pits after 10:00 pm, just be respectful of quiet hours and avoid disturbing your neighbors.

If you would like to sit outside under the veranda near the clubhouse, we can also turn the ceiling heaters on for you. Just ask a member of our staff and we can keep you warm in colder temperatures!

#5: How Do I Rent the Games?

Want to use our baggo set, bocce balls, poker set, or any giant game? You can!

It’s totally free to use any of our games. Just ask a member of our office staff during office hours or speak to the concierge if the office is closed. As long as you return the game before 10:00 pm when the clubhouse closes, you can play it as long as you like.

The only exception are the board games in the Sports Lounge. You can play these games in the Sports Lounge until it closes at 10:00 pm. Please do not remove the games from that room or take them to your apartment.

#6: Can You Turn on the Coffee Maker?

The Starbucks coffee machine is set to operate from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday through Friday and 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday. During those hours, you can get as much coffee as you like.

After that, we are sorry, but we cannot turn on the machine for you.

#7: How Do I Pick Up a Package?

We have a handy system called Notifii that allows us to send you a text and an email whenever a package is delivered for you. That goes for FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. Those packages are stored in our parcel rooms, so just stop by the office or ask the concierge to retrieve a package for you once it arrives.

If you get a delivery confirmation for a package through your courier, but you do not receive a notification from us, that means the package is either on your doorstep or in the mailboxes.

Please note, we can only accept packages that are two-feet-by-two-feet or smaller. Anything larger will have to be delivered to your door!

No questions are stupid questions, so if your question was missed here, ask it below in the comments or send us an email! You can also call our office at (501) 725-9055 or text our staff at (501) 289-5427.

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