Top 5 Reasons Living at Bowman Pointe will put Money Back in Your Pocket

Who doesn’t want to save money?  Lots of people enjoy the latest Groupon and having the convenience to download coupons into their mobile devices.  However, did you know that living at Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments can actually put money back into your pocket?  Many of us do not think of the cost of paying for a cup of java or movie ticket as a major expense in our budget. Well, think again….


On average we spend $92 per month on coffee.  A Starbucks Java & Tazo Tea Center will be convenient for your morning commute while you experience life at Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments.  How?  It will be available  for free and convenient to our residents.  Sometimes we all need that little kick to awaken us each morning!  Also, did I mention convenience…save money and time! Yes, go ahead and hit that snooze button for another 15 minutes of sleep.


Most of us pay that monthly fee to go to the gym and/or for a personal trainer.  At Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments you will have access to a 24/7 State of the Art Fitness Facility with PreCor Equipment FREE of charge.  And YES, I did say 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about your schedule interfering with your workout routine.  On average we spend $55 per month for a gym membership.  Punch that cost away!  Oh I forgot to mention, you also have access to our virtual fitness studio (complete with a virtual trainer coaching you each step of the way).  Cha Ching!!!


We are gonna keep making it rain savings on you.  Did you know that on average we spend approximately $211 per month on entertainment.  For two people to go the movies, get medium popcorns, and medium sodas it cost around $50!  Enjoy your life at Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments by reserving the Theater Lounge through the Resident Portal.  The Concierge will await you to help you choose a movie from our library as well as pop you some fresh popcorn.  Okay, so are you continuing to add up the savings?!?!


Do you enjoy doing home maintenance & repairs or even paying for it?  No? EXACTLY. We have a 5 star maintenance team on staff as well as 24/7 emergency maintenance.  On average we dish over $167 per month for home maintenance & repairs.  Enjoy the convenience of our friendly and knowledgeable maintenance team.  Their top priority is making sure everything is working properly and efficiently in your home.  Did you know you will also be able to submit service request through your Resident Portal?  Again, so convenient!


It tickled our fancy to learn all the technology that will be brought to you at Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartment Homes.  One of the coolest items you will have is your wireless monitored intrusion alarm. An alarm system on average cost $40 per month.  This item is included in your convenient utility package we are providing you which starts at only $70 per month (including the HD Fidelity television, High Speed Internet, intrusion alarm, pest control, water, sewer, and trash).  So you do the math!  This alarm even works as a scrolling digital picture frame.  Oh you know how sometimes we forget to set the alarm as we leave for the day?   No worries,  there is an app for that!  All you do is download the app on your mobile device and you can arm/disarm your alarm system remotely.

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There is so much for you to save in style while making your home at Bowman Pointe Luxury Apartments.  But these were just our top 5 favorites.  So I did some math and just those 5 items can help you put approximately $565 back into your pocket per month.  Annually, that is a savings of $6,780!  So close your eyes and imagine what you could do with all that money!  What are you waiting for? Make your move…apply today!

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