Spot the Difference: A Visual Guide to Each Phase of New Apartments at Bowman Pointe

Wine bars in new apartments in Bowman Pointe

As new apartments continue to be built and opened here at Bowman Pointe, our wine bars have evolved to become wider and brighter. Starting in Phase II, we opened a wall to extend the bar and add some space. Then, in Phase III, we added LED lighting.

But those wine bars are not the only thing we tweaked and adjusted as our luxury apartment community has grown.

Through each phase of construction, we have changed up the paint colors, installed more shelves in the closets, added more cabinets in the bathrooms, and more.

So, as you browse our availability and pick out the apartment size that’s right for you, use this guide to imagine what each option could look like.

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Every bathroom at Bowman Pointe is a work of art. Each one has granite counters, custom cabinets, modern fixtures, huge mirrors, and glass showers with ceramic tile that scream luxury.

luxury apartment bathroom at Bowman Pointe

But, depending on which building you live in, you may notice a few differences from apartment to apartment.


In Phase I (Buildings 6 through 10), every bathroom has a granite counter with a ceramic sink plus built-in cabinets and drawers underneath for storage. While planning for Phase II to open in Spring 2018, we decided to add even more storage space!

new apartments at Bowman Pointe feature extra bathroom cabinets

So, in Buildings 1 through 5, you will see there is a large, above-counter cabinet that reaches up toward the ceiling. It’s even taller than the mirror!

new apartments at Bowman Pointe feature extra drawers in bathrooms

Then, in Buildings 11 and 12, we re-designed the cabinets below the countertop by adding four more drawers to diversify the bathroom’s storage space.


Speaking of storage space, we know that closets are often the best place to keep a lot of your stuff. That’s why every apartment at Bowman Pointe (even our studio floor plan) was designed to have at least one massive walk-in closet.

walk-in closets at Bowman Pointe

While each walk-in closet has plenty of hanging racks and shelves for all your clothes and shoes, we decided to add yet another storage feature as construction continued in the community.


If you schedule a tour and visit our model apartment, you will see a walk-in closet off each of the two bathrooms. One of the bathrooms even has a laundry chute that connects to your laundry room!

laundry chutes in new apartments at Bowman Pointe

Laundry chutes are only available in the Sapphire, Amber, Diamond, and Citrine floor plans.

extra closet shelving in new apartments at Bowman Pointe

To add even more convenience to your everyday life, starting in Phase II, we decided to build even more shelving to our walk-in closets. We hope this helps you store even more of your important stuff!

Interior Design

The vision driving the interior design of our luxury apartments was to create the feeling of living inside a geode. (It’s also why our floor plans are all named after precious gems!)

Outside, you have a bright orange roof on your balcony and bright yellow sunshades over your windows. But, inside, you have real granite counters, metallic tile backsplashes, modern light fixtures, and stainless-steel appliances.

furnished living room with medium gray paint color in Phase I

All these accents are meant to sparkle and dazzle, so we had to keep a few elements of the apartment neutral to ground and balance the space.

Paint Color

Buildings 6 through 10 were built and opened first in Fall of 2016. There, you will notice the walls are painted a medium gray color. It’s not too light (like a heather gray) or too dark (like a charcoal gray). It’s just right!

Citrine floor plan at Bowman Pointe

But in Phase II and III (opened in 2018 and 2019, respectively), we decided to go a little bit softer on the paint color to brighten up the space even more than before. So, Buildings 1 through 5 plus 11 and 12 all have a lighter gray paint color in the apartments and interior hallways.

Ruby floor plan at Bowman Pointe

Whether you end up in an apartment with medium gray or light gray walls, your home will always have light gray designer carpeting in the bedrooms and a cappuccino brown laminate hardwood flooring in the main living spaces. So warm, cozy, and relaxing!

interior hallways of new apartments at Bowman Pointe

Ceiling Height

The standard ceiling height across the entire apartment community is nine feet. But, in Buildings 4 and 5 in Phase II, we did something a little special…. Those ceilings are ten feet!

new apartments with vaulted ceilings at Bowman Pointe

But, if you choose a third-floor apartment in any building, in any phase, you’re also going to have ceilings that vault up to 15 feet! As you can see in the photo above, the vaulted ceilings are breathtaking and make you feel like you’re living in modern, downtown loft.

Floor Plans

Of course, as our community has grown, we have also listened to the feedback from our residents on which new apartments they like most and which apartments they wish we had more of (because we lease up so quickly!).

That’s what is so great about building each phase one at time – your input can actually make a difference and help shape the future of our community!

It became clear after Phase I opened that the Sapphire floor plan was a big favorite. We agree: It’s an amazing, cohesive, and cozy one-bedroom floor plan!

one bedroom apartment at Bowman Pointe in Little Rock

So, in Phase II, we decided to expand on that layout a little more and create something entirely new.


Have you seen our Amber floor plan? It’s just like the Sapphire floor plan, but just a little bit more spectacular.

680 SF one bedroom apartment - the Amber floor plan

The biggest difference is that we extended the living space by approximately 100 square feet and designed an 11-foot kitchen island to run down the middle! It has wraparound countertop seating, making it an incredible space for entertaining.


When construction started on Phase III (which just opened this summer!) we didn’t stop the discussions on designing new floor plans. In fact, we ended up adding one bigger and bolder than anything you have seen before!

three-bedroom apartment floor plan at Bowman Pointe

Meet Opal: This floor plan features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a massive, L-shaped balcony with prime views of our brand-new (soon-to-be-completed) courtyard.

Phase III courtyard at Bowman Pointe

This floor plan will only be available in Buildings 11 and 12, which makes it extra special for those of you currently on the apartment hunt.

If you’re interested in this floor plan, we have a few left in Building 12, which opens at the end of August. You can explore our availability in our online leasing portal and apply online today!

We hope this blog helps clear up a lot of the questions we’ve heard about the differences in the design of each phase. If you have anything else you want to ask, please let us know in the comments below!

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