Why Everyone Is Buzzing About Bowman Pointe

Bowman Pointe - best apartments in West Little Rock

Since we opened our doors three years ago, Bowman Pointe has been the talk of the town. Our residents have been leaving us rave reviews, referrals, and recommendations to share with the world why they think we have the best apartments in West Little Rock.

So, what are they buzzing about most? It’s everything from our luxury amenities and engaging community to our modern apartments and all-star staff.

Incredible Amenities

Did you know that our amenities come in every color of the rainbow?

From the bright red Zen Lounge to the deep blue Banquet Room, there’s something to attract your eye and match your mood at Bowman Pointe.

Bowman Pointe review of pool

Looks like LaKeitha has fallen in love with our “resort-style pool,” and she’s not the only one!

Our 300,000-gallon swimming pool is easily the most photographed place in our entire community. The pool area features 360-degree lounge chairs, a beachfront-style entry, a waterfall, fire pits, and poolside grills.

Bowman Pointe review of movie theater

Emmily has become enchanted by our Movie Theater, where we serve complimentary popcorn and have a digital library of over 3,000 movie titles.

Bowman Pointe review of gym

Owen enjoys a good workout, so his favorite amenity happens to be our 24-hour Fitness Center.

We know staying in shape is important to our residents, which is why we have five-star fitness amenities here at Bowman Pointe!

Go ahead and cancel your gym membership, because you can live here and use our Fitness Center or Virtual Fitness Studio whenever you like.

All-Inclusive Apartment Living

Did we mention that all these amenities are free for residents to use? That’s why living at Bowman Pointe is like staying at an all-inclusive hotel!

To many, all our complimentary amenities (like the Starbucks coffee that Owen mentioned above) are what make us stand out as the best apartments in West Little Rock.

Bowman Pointe review of amenities

Kylie is kind of obsessed with the atmosphere of our apartments, but her favorite “perk” is all the free weekly events.

Every Tuesday, we have happy hour from 6:00 to 8:00 pm and pour up free beer and wine for any resident 21 and older.

Plus, at least once a month, we hold larger events to help our residents relax and have fun. We’re talking about karaoke nights, pool parties, wine tastings, tailgate parties, food festivals, and more.

Bowman Pointe review of affordable apartments

Alexa has clearly done the math: With access to a free gym, free coffee, free movies, free events, free printing, and more, we make luxury apartment living “surprisingly affordable.”

With our convenient utility packages, you save even more.

For $60 to $90 a month—depending on how many bedrooms are in your apartment—we cover the cost of your cable, Internet, water, sewer, trash, pest control, and security system.

All you pay separately is your electricity bill!

Community That Feels Like Home

When you take advantage of our amenities and enjoy our events, you’re inevitably going to meet new people and try new things.

That’s what makes our community so special! It’s a real community where everyone comes together, knows one another, and makes amazing memories.

Bowman Pointe review of apartments

Aaron has lived at Bowman Pointe for almost three years, so he’s a familiar face to many across the community.

To him, no other apartment community in West Little Rock “compares to what Bowman Pointe offers” in terms of experience and amenities. He’s made “so many new friends” here, and they’re always finding ways to have fun.

Bowman Pointe review of luxury apartments

Have you met Hannah? Just last year, we featured her in an episode of Poolside Chats and she was an absolute blast!

She’s “constantly meeting new people,” hanging out by the pool, taking her dog to the Bark Park, and just enjoying life.

Five-Star Customer Service

From the leasing team to the maintenance crew, we offer five-star service here at Bowman Pointe. What do reviews look like for the best apartments in West Little Rock?

Let’s see what Tabatha, Megan, and Brent had to say…

Bowman Pointe review of best apartments in West Little Rock

Tabatha said, “every employee” is “always so nice,” and it rubs off on our residents! Everywhere you go, there is always someone showing you a smile, opening a door, petting your dog, and saying, “Hello.”

Bowman Pointe review of customer service

Aw, shucks, Megan. We love you, too!

Bowman Pointe review of maintenance

Whenever you have a maintenance issue, our team makes it their mission to get it fixed within 24 hours. We also offer 24-hour assistance in the event of a maintenance emergency!

Best Apartment Décor from Ceiling to Floor

Of course, Bowman Pointe is the best because our apartments were built to be the best.

Our modern floor plans feature granite counters, stainless-steel appliances, chrome light fixtures, glass showers, wine bars, and more.

Bowman Pointe review of luxury apartments

Leah has lived in other apartments in Little Rock. But to her, nothing compares to Bowman Pointe.

So, what are her favorite features? Her five-star review mentions the “full size fridge, wood flooring, rain shower, [and] tile in bathrooms.”

People Miss Us

When it comes down to it, we know our residents won’t live here forever. So, when they leave, it’s hard not to miss them.

What warms our hearts the most is seeing that they miss us, too!

Bowman Pointe review of apartments

Mason was also in an episode of Poolside Chats and discussed how he makes a living on Instagram sharing macro-friendly recipes. Living here instantly helped him upgrade his content, since he was always cooking in his gorgeous kitchen!

Now that “moved out of state,” he has “nothing but positive things to say” about his time here at Bowman Pointe.

Bowman Pointe review of community pool

In his review, Kyle simply said, “the only thing I miss about Little Rock is Bowman Pointe.” How sweet!

If you’re looking for the best apartments in West Little Rock, he says, “You can’t go wrong with BP!”

Ready to explore all there is to love about Bowman Pointe? Schedule a tour with us today!

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