Win at Life by Working from Home at Bowman Pointe

working from home while renting an apartment at Bowman Pointe

More and more, employers these days are finally getting with the times. When technology makes working from home super easy, why wouldn’t you want to let your employees skip the daily commute to an office? You save money. They save money. Everybody wins!

Guess what? As a resident at Bowman Pointe, you’re going to win even more because we make working from home simple and (dare we say) stylish. Our ultra-luxe, ultra-modern clubhouse has complimentary Wi-Fi, a free Starbucks coffee machine, and tons of workspaces you can use to get your job done.

Some of you may prefer to work from your actual apartment, and we get that. If you have a spare bedroom, it would make for a perfect home office!

But if you need a little separation from work and play, may we suggest making your way to these sweet spots?


working from home in the clubhouse library

Our library is perfect for those of you that want to feel cozy while working from home. It’s a quiet little spot just off the Lobby with a comfortable couch that takes laptop leisure to the next level.

If you require a proper desk, however, the library isn’t for you. Try another spot in the clubhouse like our Business Center, Conference Room, or Zen Lounge.

Business Center

orange business center

We hope you like orange! Our amenities come in every color of the rainbow, and the Business Center just so happens to be a bright, cheery orange.

Beyond the bold color, this spot has several features that make it a favorite among remote workers living here at Bowman Pointe.

The first of those features would be our PrintWithMe system. It gives you a means to print, scan, copy, and fax documents in one convenient place. And, if you stay within your monthly allotment, it’s totally free!

Conference Room

conference room at Bowman Pointe Apartments in Little Rock

Between the Library and the Conference Room, you can find the Conference Room. What’s great about this spot is that the room is reservable. Winning!

Whether you’re working from home alone or calling a meeting with your colleagues, you can reserve this space online through your resident portal for as long as you need it.

The Conference Room is ideal for presentations, too. You can project your screen onto an HDTV while everyone takes a seat around the conference table in one of twelve rolling chairs.

Zen Lounge

red study room in Zen lounge

Upstairs, you can’t miss checking out one the coolest spots in the entire clubhouse: the Zen Lounge.

With an array of desks, couches, and reading pods, the Zen Lounge is an excellent choice for anyone working from home. It’s like you get to choose your own adventure, and there’s no wrong way to do it. Winning!

Other Options

If any of these spots don’t suit you, feel free to explore the rest of the clubhouse. There’s another lounge down the hall from the Zen Lounge, or you could sit outside and enjoy a view of the pool.

outdoor lounge at Bowman Pointe

The veranda outside of the Lobby even has a fireplace and heaters to keep you warm while you work.

Any way you decide to do it, you’re going to come out a winner. Bowman Pointe is the best place to live in Little Rock while working from home!

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